Dutch novel 'The Discomfort of Evening' wins the 2020 International Booker Prize


List for the Booker Prize for literature was announced today. NPR's Rose Friedman reports that prestigious British award goes to a work of fiction written in English. This year's winner is called The Discomfort of Evening in English. It's a debut novel by 29 year old Dutch writer Marieke Lucas Ryan felt the prizes youngest ever winner. It was a best seller in the Netherlands and was translated by Michelle Hutchison's Ryan Veld, who uses they and them pronouns, grew up in a Christian agricultural community in the Netherlands and still works on a farm. The novel is set on a dairy farm and follows a family spiraling into darkness after the death of a son. Fine build, has said that the book has caused some friction with family members. But in accepting the prize, said, quote I can say only that I am as proud as a cow with seven others. Rose Friedman, NPR NEWS NEW YORK The

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