Pirates Post game and the Pirates falling tonight to Kansas City, 74 So I remember an interleague play.


Have one once in Kansas City over the last 20 years, but a tough place for them when they have gone out there. And tonight, no different. We'll take you back through the game now. Ah, really Early. The long ball was the big feature for both teams went very field lead off the Royals first inning with a home run, giving them a one. Nothing lead, the Pirates answered. With home runs by Belle and Reynolds in the second to take a 2 to 1 lead Bell hit a 97 mile per hour fastball. Out to the opposite field as a left handed batter off of Royal starter Carlos Hernandez, making his first big league start, Brian Reynolds hit one out to dead center 420 plus feet. Then Adam Frazier Homer to write pulled one out. In the third inning offer. That is so that was his fifth of the year and the Pirates owned a 3 to 1 lead, But the Royals came back with a home run on the bare Tillman to see home ring for the third straight day. And that was a

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