In America Studios. Much of


In America Studios. Much of the central Gulf Coast. Bracing for Hurricane Sally I'm Cory Olsen at 6, 30, NewsRadio, 7 40 troh traffic and weather together. Here's Katie London. Well, quite a few of our accidents are clear enough. They just remove that one from a 45 south of the hearty toll road, and I think you started. He's up there from Woodland Park Way. Betsey's outside 45 heavy traffic moving down towards the Beltway. It's gonna be about a five minute delay from Ritchie. And we still have heavy drive on night and coming for Baytown. They did clear up the actuated. Monmouth's forced to look into some unwanted traffic from about sand. Interested. A boulevard exit city, London in the Gulf Coast windows dot com 24 hour traffic center. Our weather channel forecast tonight mostly clear a low in the mid seventies. Tomorrow mix of sun and clouds, chance of a stray shower or storm and a high in the

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