Los Angeles Clippers Complete Historic Collapse As Nuggets Take Stunning Game 7


Well. This night is going to be remembered for a long time and there's a whole bunch of different reasons why people are gonNA remember it. The laker fans have their reasons. the clippers fans have their reasons. The nuggets fans have their reasons I think I just clip. Yeah they're there It's it's rough right now. I mean I I I think any team that had duplex have experienced. What just there? That is a devastating blow, but I think I just watched. McMahon I'll see if you agree. was. An Absolute Total grade a choke. Oh, not just. All much in the three one aspect I mean that jokes who actually in the three one aspect especially in the blowing double figure leads in the last three games while choke in that even setting that aside, I'm just talking about the actual performance of night. Oh, what it only took him seven minutes in the fourth quarter to get a bucket. Yeah. Okay. We're of P. turnovers than frequent hold on hold your fire is just for a second dinner decided the backboard hold your fire for a sector. That would i. I think what I saw was that was a historic choke job and combined with a spectacular game seven performance by the nuggets or. Spectacular Three game comeback by the neck and look. Let's give the nuggets credit to straight series down three one comeback when Bo series Yokich. There's no. Yeah. But with Yokich is at minimum a second tier superstar right behind the parental VP candidates well. He was a I hear superstar in this game. For sure. He totally eviscerated Kawai Leonard in this game and really in the back half of the series but in this game. especially. Yeah I mean he he was great in this game I mean. Just. Look at the box score Paul millsap only had six points but. his buckets were huge. He played on the better six point three rebound performances. I've ever seen Jamal Murray. We've gotta get in this guy's on the Kahane's factor starting five this year forty points in a game seven. So yes. Absolutely, give the nuggets credit and we've got time to talk nice about the nuggets. But what we need to do right now is pile on the most arrogant bunch of guys. The most Arab arrogant franchises never sniffed a frigging conference finals and hey, props to the Portland Trailblazers back court for completely unloading their troll game. Warden CJ mccollum absolutely deserved to just fire away because you got Paul George and Patrick Beverley acting like they're on some frigging dynasty. They've never sniffed the conference files. Why are they act like there's some you know I mean come on now. So yes, I. I'll be honest I thoroughly enjoyed the collapse and the troll jobs that came along with it.

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