Stay Weird With Stacy Ossei-Kuffour



So stay we thought we would warm up a little bit because We were delighted to find out that one of your favorite things in the world. Is Felicity. So. What is it about felicity? Well. It's a couple of things I think. For me growing up I I didn't realize it until. Now but I was really obsessed with the WB like. The WB. Children out there will be like, what is she talking about and I think for me? I became obsessed with felicity because she was like I mean obviously Carey is stunning I'm talking about like I know are but I think really affected. Me Was it. It was about this woman who didn't know what she wanted, but she knew she wanted Ben and saying it now it's like such an eye roll but I just thought it was so cool that she. Didn't do anything that her parents or friends wanted her to do and she like just dropped everything and moved to New York for this guy and Mike as a eleven year old a twelve year old I was like yes. Hi. I'm this is I'm going. This is where I'm going I. totally forgot you're going here. So unbelievable. I know this from high school. This is Susan this is. This is. versity felicity while. All right. So I'll see you around. and. Just told myself that I was going to do the same thing felicity did and obviously I mean I there wasn't a boy that I was like in love with and moving to New York for but I researched that like the school that they were modeling it after. Was Nyu, and so I decided that when I was gonNA turn eighteen that that was the school I was GonNa go to. So it's crazy to say now and you know when I did turn eighteen deny auditioned for nyu I didn't get in and so it was heartbreaking and all that stuff and obviously I realized I was not in TV show in not felicity. But then I auditioned my sophomore year and then I did get in and so I moved I dropped everything and moved to New York did you also? Like seek out a job at Dean and Deluca to really out. Absolutely, and they were like no ma'am and I was like please and it's crazy because i. think when I went in there I couldn't afford like not even a Bego I think it was like seven dollars an onion Bagel. But I was like for me like walking Dean and Deluca was like walking into a museum felicity just had an extreme profound effect I. Mean even now I go back and just watch the pilot discussed. Makes me feel good. So getting a little bit into your work to words that we noticed while researching up on, you two words that positively came up a lot to describe your work either by like your own words or other people describing your work. Were dark and weird. So I was wondering what those words, those two words mean to you. I think if I'm honest both of those words like. Growing up had a negative connotation for me I. Think. People often thought I was extremely weird and you know I was a pretty dark kid in terms of the stuff that I was into I mean publicity isn't that dark but I was really into. Buffy obviously but also these. Books where like it's just you know murder and incest, and then I think a lot of my friends were reading goosebumps which I was into but then like my sister was reading just rl Stein. So I was like wait what's that and so I kind of ditched goosebumps because it was like. And got into Rl. Stein. The adult books recalled Rl Stein and so I would read those a lot and those kind of just kept my. I think I was obsessed with a lot of stuff but I didn't WanNa read the Kitty Shit. I really wanted the adult books and I fought really hard. To like, trick my parents into getting me the staff and pretending it was a PG and That's just show you the kind of kid. I was just like I was beyond curious like I wanted the content I wanted I just wanted to grow up really

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