Sheriff issues challenge to LeBron James after deputies ambushed


Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva making new comments today about the ambush shooting of two of his deputies in Compton over the weekend on Fox News. He repeated his challenge for Lakers star LeBron James to match the $200,000 in reward money already offered to help catch the gunman behind the attack. The sheriff says he thinks LeBron must take ownership of his words that black people feel hunted and should see you. This is a bigger problem of violence, overall, doing their own jobs through their business content. Really, It was a place that That was a phone. He did write that plane. Pastor Michael Fisher of the Greater Zion Church family in Compton tells Kayo next that he thinks the sheriff could do a better job of conveying compassion for the community. Should avoid being one sided. Well, maybe he didn't like how the bronze said it and maybe he didn't like what LeBron said. He has to admit that there is a problem. In the sheriff's department that I pray, hopefully under give leadership he will help us to be a two man. Pastor Fischer tells us he wants an advisory council set up to help relations between the Compton sheriff's Station and the local community.

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