Astronomers find possible sign of life on Venus


In the clouds of Venus? Maybe a possible sign of life on the our neighbor planet. Astronomers using two different high powered telescopes discovered the chemical signature off Fost FINA gas. It's closely linked to life on earth. Researchers at MIT say some form of life is the most likely explanation. After studying in ruling out other possibilities, they concluded the gas Maybe coming from some kind of micro that lives in those clouds. Since probably wouldn't be little green men because it's like 900 degrees Fahrenheit. On the surface, Venus but kind of interesting that comes from like this. This gas Kind of similar to methane coming, You know, from cows and stuff like that. This comes from penguin guano and other stuff. Right? Rory? You were telling us about the penguin guano earlier. No, he's not there. I thought it was there. Okay? Yeah, like penguin guano on a couple of other things it's found on Earth and its associated with With life, and so they think there might be life there in those clouds. Pepsi, meanwhile, testing the

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