Gaza militants fire rockets at Israel as pacts signed in US


Donald Trump presided over a document signing event at the White House today is really the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain signing agreements that will formalize the normalization of the Jewish state's warming relations with the two countries, possibly paving the way for a broader Arab Israeli reconciliation after decades of squabbles. Later, Speaking to reporters at the White House, Trump indicated more countries will be getting on board. I call it going around the spark door coming in a different way, and we have many other countries going to be joining us. They're going to be joining us soon. We'll have. I mean, I think seven or eight or nine we're gonna have a lot of other countries joining us, including the Big one. Today's ceremony is part of an initiative being pushed by the Trump administration is a key foreign policy win during the president's reelection campaign. As Israeli leaders attended a ceremony at the White House to establish diplomatic ties with the two countries. Militants in Gaza fired rockets at Israel, medics say At least two Israelis were wounded. NPR's Daniel Estrin reports from Jerusalem. Medics say the two men had moderate and light shrapnel wounds. The rocket fire hit the southern Israeli town of US dude Video on social media showed a crowd gathered near shop with shattered glass on the sidewalk. Palestinians opposed the two Gulf states agreements with Israel as abandoning the Palestinians and their conflict with Israel. The Islamic Jihad militant group claimed responsibility for the rocket fire, saying they opposed the normalization deal with Israel. A spokesman for Gaza's ruling Islamist militant group Hamas said Palestinians would continue to struggle for their rights as if the agreements between Israel and the two Gulf states did not exist. Daniel Estrin. NPR NEWS Jerusalem House

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