How Some Companies Survive, Even Thrive, in COVID-19 Crisis

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Company that survives covid nineteen is probably better off today than they were before Kovac's knackers since the pandemic started, it is a battle of retail attrition out there this is crucial to understand because it's transformed our economy in profound ways. Insane numbers here smackers get this eighty thousand small businesses have permanently closed from March, I July fifth according to Yeah and if you just look at the shopping and retail industry twenty, six thousand businesses that used to compete with best buy where open on. March first but are closed today and the wild thing is that the devastation to small and medium businesses across America is actually this huge boon to the big corporations case in point consulting company Deloitte recently surveyed the CEO's of one hundred large American corporations. Yes. Sixty percent of them are more confident. In their company's growth today than they were before covert and we're still amid pandemic. How could that possibly be that? CEO's are more confident post cove it than they were before when things were seemingly really basically covert has improved the business outlook for America's biggest corporations simply because it's smalls, corporations are gone sad but critical not to forget that

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