Kyle Rittenhouse, charged in Kenosha protest homicides, considered himself militia


Two people and shooting another Tuesday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, says he was there to protect buildings from demonstrators comes manufacture reports were learning Maura about 17 year old Kyle Riton house Kyle Riton House reportedly has connections to a militia group known as the Kenosha Guard. Kyle apparently was a pro police securing social media sites and so very supportive of them, But I also believe they needed help. ABC political analyst and former FBI agent Brad Garrett says. There are all types of Isha groups, Some like the police. Some don't hate the government from like the government. We asked Garrett. If these groups are on the rise, the folks who study Militias. Hate groups, etcetera, like the Southern, probably long center say there is an increased protesters were demonstrating after Sunday's police shooting of Jacob Blake Manda Factor. Comeau News

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