Improve Your Sleep


Hello the Shobra and this for tomorrow. Collection of actions you can do no during the same of disruption and crisis to make tomorrow better. Today I want you to take a moment to look at something simple and surprisingly powerful. Improving your sleep. You've probably heard that sleep remains a medical mystery. But there is no doubt from the research that eight to nine hours of deep restful sleep is essential to your health. Yet even in normal times, people still don't value sleep enough. Without the proper to sleep the risks mount for many conditions including depression and anxiety. So in this challenging time, it problem arises. How'd you get enough sleep when the troubling situation keeps you up at night? The answer is a consciously program. The. Full, giving you your homework for today. Let me outline the ground Ruth's of the kind sleep that helps prevent insomnia. Depression anxiety. Obesity. Die To. Diabetes. Loss of mental focus. Lured physical coordination and more. In general researchers, tell us to consider sleep the mastery bio rhythm of. whose effects are crucial to every aspect to will be. Careful critical facts I you should go to sleep as closely as possible the same time every night. And Rake up same time every morning. This induces the brain to have a normal sleep rhythm. Second. Don't force yourself into a baton, you aren't genetically designed for. People are naturally of morning larks. And don't pressure family members to adopt just sleep action if it isn't this. The. Sleep, should be deep. Ideally you want to be fast asleep quickly and then entered deep dream sleep. And finally, the grain is extremely sensitive to light and noise. Total darkness in total silence at the best for normal sleep the. Your homework follows from these fundamentals. I establishes said routine for bedtime and waking up. Next. Make you sleeping area totally dark Even. The light from a laptop bedside clock can fool your brain into waking up. And finally make your sleeping area as silent as possible. We, all need to approach sleep as nature's best preventive medicine. Lack of sleep is connected with depression and anxiety. But. The bigger picture is that every chemical level of the body goes out to balance when you're doing sleep Once society becomes attuned to the importance of sleep. There's another horizon which is sleep and awareness. When you are asleep, you're conscious experiences absent and yet metabolic sleep is an extremely active state. More and more it seems as if sleep is the body's most aware time resetting almost every process from detoxifying the brain to building solid. It sounds strange. But when you are asleep, you're in some ways at your most aware. Indian tradition of Yoga Sleep is your consciousness. The absence of experiences like removing deal that conceals a connection to the infinite field of consciousness. That is the basis of all existence. What this means for our Abd`Er life today is minimal at best. But there is a vast region of sadly experience to be explored. INTUITIONS HEIGHTENED SLEEP And so his creative inspiration. But now though the imperative is to pay more attention to good sleep in discussion crisis. Good sleep is into add on to our lives. It can impair many other elements of your life.

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