Republican Jewish Coalition official makes the Jewish case for the Republican party

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As the Republican National Convention dominated the news this week I sat down with Matt Brooks the Executive Director of the Republican Jewish coalition to hear him make the Jewish case for the Republican. Party. Just a reminder AJC is a five. Oh, one C. Three, not for profit organization that neither endorses nor opposes candidates for Elective Office Matt. Thank you so much for joining US Saffy. It's great to be with you. Thanks for having me AJC held a series of virtual programs last week at the Democratic National Convention and we're doing the same this week alongside the RNC you spoke at. An Age RNC program yesterday and you guaranteed the Donald Trump will win a larger percentage of Jewish vote in two thousand twenty than he did in two thousand sixteen. What makes you so confident of that first of all, my understanding of the politics of the Jewish community I've been doing this job for thirty years. So I think I have a very good feel for the Jewish community. But then the most important reason is to look at the record of this president There is no question that he has been without a doubt, the most pro Israel president ever in history. That's not coming just from Matt Brooks, but it's coming from people like the prime, minister of Israel has said as much in the Oval Office in meeting with them. So there's a reason why fifty six percent of the Israelis who were polled in a recent poll would like to see president trump reelected and only sixteen percent. WanNa see Joe Biden reelected because they understand that this president is absolutely transformed the US's relationship beyond that Steph. Touch on domestic issues I think people in the Jewish community are deeply concerned about what's happening in our big cities whether it's Portland Seattle New, York, the lawlessness, the rioting, the efforts by the left wing progressives in the Democratic Party who want to defend the police. I. Think People in the Jewish community understand that president trump giving his incredible track record. Pre covid is the best person to revitalize our economy postcode and also recreate and bring back all the jobs that were lost as a result of this pandemic. So I think there's a wide range. Of issues that both foreign and domestic that to me give me great confidence to have my back moment point into the stands and guarantee that this president will do better among Jewish voters and twenty twenty than he did in two thousand sixteen was the Yankee Fan I. Appreciate any reference to Babe Ruth let me just follow up on that though you pivoted and spoke about domestic issues at the end, which obviously are very important. You started out with Israel though I'm curious does the RJ see any kind of polling or anything like that indicates that the? Percentage of American Jews do vote based on. Israel. My sense is generally not at top issue for American Jews. So we do have extensive polling and we're very data driven in our messaging and how we look at the races you know, I think your point is well taken but you know elections and campaigns about mosaics. It's about putting pieces of the puzzle together. It's not just one issue. There is definitely a segment of the Jewish community that does care about Israel we're going to appeal to them. There's definitely a segment of the Jewish community that appealed issues. Like school choice we're going to appeal to them. There's definitely segments of the Jewish community the care about the issue of defunding the police and having law and order in our streets in protecting us against anti-semitism. So we're GONNA have various messages targeted to various constituencies within the Jewish community. Our community as you well know is not monolithic. So to say that there is one issue that's gonNA drive the Jewish vote would be a mistake but I think we have enough experience and expertise in this arena to make sure that we're serving up the right messages. One issue that you just mentioned Matt is is Antisemitism Joe. Biden actually laid the cornerstone of his campaign on President Trump's comments after the unite the right rally in Charlottesville in his video announcing his candidacy, and then again last week when he accepted the nomination, vice president. Biden cited the president's very fine people on both sides comment at which he saw as excusing anti Semitism he cited those comments as motivating him to get into the race to beat the president. How would you want Jewish voters to think about those comments? Well, I, mean, that's going to be part of our task and we've had several events both with Nikki Haley Mark Levin with Senator Ted Cruz just this last Sunday night you know in which we've talked about that there is a mythology that has taken hold by the Democrats to try and create a false narrative that the president Or somehow tried to give support to white nationalist. If anybody takes a step back reads the entire transcript and admittedly I wish he had been clearer and less awkward in his original remarks when we put out a statement to that effect. But if you read a few sentences before and a few sentences after very fine people on both sides, it's very clear that the president strongly condemns White Nationalist Neo Nazis, and you know it is absolutely unambiguous also to some of his other speeches in actions you go back and look right after the tree of life synagogue tragedy he gave a speech that day to the future farmers of America No. President no president go back and take a look at the record, and you'll agree if you read the opening speech, no president has ever condemned anti-semitism and planted a flag about us and our strong commitment to fight anti-semitism wherever it raises its ugly head, and then obviously you look at what the president did it on his executive order to help protect students on college campuses who have been the victims of anti-semitism and I will tell you time and time. Again, this president has by action demonstrated his commitment, not only to condemn white. Nationalist Neo. Nazis. But also to stand up and take strong stands against the rising antisemitism in this country.

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