Hundreds of Charges Filed in Downtown Los Angeles Building Explosion and Fire That Injured Firefighters


Operators operators of of several several downtown downtown L L A A buildings buildings are are now now facing facing hundreds hundreds of of criminal criminal charges charges for for alleged alleged safety safety safety safety violations. violations. It It led to a massive fire and explosion, which almost killed nearly a dozen firefighters were also now starting to hear the personal accounts of many of the men who lived through that inferno. 11 firefighters from L. A city fire station, nine were seriously burned in May, when they were fighting a fire in a building off Avoid street. An explosion sent fireballs over the ladder trucks as they try to escape that day. Her in. Soriano is one of them. He spoke with cane exit the Grossman burn Centre where he and some of the others were treated. There's fire fire at at our our feet feet and and we're we're trying trying to to obviously obviously get get down down the the ladder ladder we we became became engulfed engulfed myself myself and and the the firefighter firefighter in in front front of of me me ended ended up up getting getting stuck stuck on on the aerials with our axes because we came barreling down, Soriano said. He thought he was going to die pulled free by a couple of the gentleman that got off couple of firefighters that got off previous to us when they realized what happened. Turned around and started trying to help us down. Yeah, From there. It was just chaos. Today. He wears a bandage on his hand and leg, but he's headed back to work soon at Fire Station nine. Emily Valdez que next. 10, 70 news Radio, Los

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