Being a Highly Sensitive Person with April Snow


Hey guys. Welcome to not another anxiety show. I'm your host Kelly Walker and joining me today is guest April snow hey bro. Kelly thanks for having me. Yes. Thank you so much for taking time to hop on the show I'm really excited about our conversation, same? Yeah. I'm excited to be here. Before we get started, do you mind if I share a little bit more about you with our audience? Please do thank you. Awesome. April Snow Alam ft is a licensed psychotherapist in California who specializes in working with highly sensitive introverts, introverts, perfectionists, and high achievers. April strongly believes that being a highly sensitive person doesn't have to stop you from living a fully engaged life and is a mission to help HSP's create a life on their own terms. So they can manage the overwhelm and start to thrive. FIND OUT MORE AT WWW dot expansive heart dot com. So April my first question is Can you tell us? What it means and what it looks like to be highly sensitive person. Sure. Absolutely I know some folks listening may have not heard of this term before or. May Have heard of the word sensitive call too sensitive cell just expanded out just to give some more context. So. Being highly sensitive person is someone born with a unique temperament trait. It's also called sensory processing sensitivity in the research. But in plain terms, you're going to hear it called high sensitivity or HP for short. but the title, it really doesn't capture the complexity of being an ATS because there's a lot of misconceptions about it. Especially, if you're someone who is sensitive, it may have been used as a negative, right all your to sensitive too fragile. You know you're too slow whatever it is. There's a lot of labels we get hurt around sensitivity So this trait was originally put on the map by Dr Lene Aaron About Twenty five years ago, and since there's been a ton of research is come out, which is really comforting as an age sap didn't like hey, it's real not making this up. You know I am feeling everything so deeply. And noticing so much. So this this temperament traits found in about twenty percent of the population and in over one hundred other species. So that tells you that it's real it's not. As or being too. Too, sensitive whatever we hear it's real and it allows her nervous system and are willing to pick up subtleties and details that most people miss. So if you're an HSP probably a good at reading body language noticing when someone's upset or there have you know a little bit of a face change or they can haircut or you're picking up all those little details, which is actually pretty useful. It is right and social really is. One of the the advantages of being highly sensitive. So. All. Cal just break down a little bit of facts and also the core characteristics with people will get a sense of what it actually looks like. It'd be great. Thank you. Yeah. Asked I know there is a lot of. Misunderstanding about the trait and some even know it is a trait. So you might just be hearing this for the first time. So a lot of times it's mixed up with introversion, but actually thirty percent of each extroverts. So if you're out there and you're like I don't know if hse because actually I really like to socialize or. To do thrill seeking things, you could still be HSP that's just one that's me and I. You know I didn't realize how complex yea. Highly sensitive person could be because I really love the adventure piece I get more wiped out from it then my adventures bags. Yeah. Yeah. It's so true. You can be a hyacinth secret, an introvert anime chest you and then it gets really confusing like what's happening inside of me. Of. Fit. Exactly and they might be fighting each other different parts need different things at different times or you might experience it differently all the people out there than maybe a non sensation-seeking extroverted. HSP there's just so many liar that's it's so fascinating to kind of put all the pieces together. To, let's talk about the core sex 'cause the trade can be summed up in four trait for components, which is used as the Akron does so that step of processing over-stimulation, emotional responsiveness, empathy, and sensitive to subtleties or sensory information. so that's the hub of it.

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