Boycott: NBA playoff games called off amid player protest


We've seen protests in sports national anthem, kneeling players wearing slogans on uniforms. But now a bigger stand has been taken over the Kenosha police shooting. Milwaukee Bucks players Sterling Brown and George Hill, delivering a statement Wednesday following the team's decision to boycott Game five of their N BA playoff series. We're calling for justice and demand all be held accountable. For this to occur. It is imperative for the West constant state legislator to reconvene after months of inaction. Buck's decision to sit out let other n BA teams to pursue the same move, forcing the association to postpone all of Wednesday's games. The WN BA would follow their lead, electing not to play any of their three regular season games that AMG Academy in Florida a few major league baseball teams. Also following suit, the Milwaukee Brewers Cincinnati Reds in Seattle Mariners, all sitting out games and protest with players on other clubs opted not to take the field.

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