HR 1: Opening Night Part Deux - burst 09

Mason & Ireland


That we swept him no it's actually not. It's what Joe Kelley did is the best thing that happened in the last couple of days and you know their players have come out in pointed out and I I agree with this the eight game suspension is extreme. And it's very rare to see. A ruling on that. I don't know if they've had a hearing or or not or if that's held up in some way, you'd think it'd be a zoom call. This was a suspension that came. Despite the fact that at no point was Joe Kelley thrown out of the game. At. No point was he warned at no point was the dugout warrant were. Were they all warned after the bench clearing Brazil with Desi get so mad about they were all warned after the inning. But why don't the fires on the field? Why don't they have say in other words if you think. Joe. Kelley Buzzed Alex Bregman. And it was a dangerous. Why doesn't the Umpire Jack Joe Kelley Right then Because I think that the first thing you do before you throw a guy out is worn them and they warned both benches after that bench-clearing right. But they didn't they didn't warn Joe Kelley after after buzzed Alex Bregman and so he went on to hit Yuri Gurriel and Carlos Correa way didn't hit either one of them. Let me clear that all right no, he didn't. He

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