iPhone Photography awards: Do you really need a new iPhone?

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Graham I'd like to say Nice to see again. Listeners I've been traveling and vacationing for a good chunk of the summer, but now I'm back, so hello again. Did you miss me? Let's kick off. Today's talking tech with the age old question. Which IPHONE SHOULD I buy? Yes, were nearly in August and just a few weeks away from an apple will introduce the latest iphones devices that they are sure to tell us or so state of the art in advanced. We'll feel silly on old phones, right. Well hold onto him a little longer. The question takes on new found relevance at least for me with the winners of the annual. Photography awards which were just announced. This contest attracts photographers from all over the world to submit their best, and you really don't win anything but praised, but that's okay. Here's your headline. One of the winners one for a photo taking on a ten year old iphone four. Not The ten series. Not The ten s upgrade from twenty eight teen. Phone with the best iphone camera to date the eleven pro. An iphone four. So do you really need that new phone with the best camera? Of course, not granted the SPEC sound pretty puny compared to today's standards, five Megapixel and seven twenty p video as opposed to twelve megapixel camera and four K. Video, on the Levin, Pro plus the addition of three lenses to work with super, wide, angle wide angle and portrait. Now, the iphone four shot was of three people in Peru for the people category. The Grand Prize winner went to a photographer who shot on the IPHONE ten from a few years back while first place went to a photographer from India shooting on the twenty fourteen era iphone six. Now I could argue with you until I'm blue in the face while the latest cameras are better than the old ones, but the fact is for most

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