Big Tech Funds a Think Tank Pushing for Fewer Rules. For Big Tech.



Dig. Tech firms are schmoozing regulators into to not doing their jobs. Thirty four anti-trust officials were wined and nine last year by the global anti-trust into the suit, a part of the Antonin Scalia Law School at George. Mason University in Fairfax Virginia basically don't regulate us. Please enjoy this delicious meal. Global Antitrust Institute is funded mostly entirely by big companies affiliated foundations including Amazon Google qualcomm George Mason I covered it when I was at the Washington, Post they were always doing this kind of thing like putting up, you know. Being very friendly to corporate corporate citizens as I recall during this time when they were just getting started. Trying to attract a bigger level of professor there and so talk about this Mr Academics in terms of these things that get funded at universities, you institute Scott. Galloway Institute of Jabal Thank for example. That's right. like it's it's were. Universities are not immune from the lure of capitalism and a big component of. Your ability to get tenure is to get research funded, and it's difficult if you WANNA know. If. You WanNa. Know the outcome and a conclusion of research. Just find who's paid for it. Yeah, and in the case of most academic research. It's a lot of times it's funded. By nonpartisan sources are the university itself, and so if there is a a lease bad version of peer reviewed research, you're GONNA. Find it typically universities, but these think tanks if they're funded by. Certain And we have him on the left care we fund. We found groups to do research to basically support our know our narrative so i. don't think this is anything unusual. The question is abound power in that is. In addition to this think tank Sarah now more fulltime Amazon. Lobbyists making I would bet somewhere between four hundred eight hundred thousand dollars a year. Then there are sitting US senators now one hundred full time lobbyist from Amazon living in DC, taking all of these nice women and men to to golf into dinner and saying hey, we just a big fan of your leadership. We fight to get involved in your campaign by the way when this whole antitrust off comes up. We assume that you're you're for capitalism. Your four consumer lower consumer prices. And this is the danger, but I don't think these think tanks. We have on both sides nervous now whenever I time talking to one today and I was like Oh, where did you get your money? Like I never thought this like in terms of. The university and I was like I'm going to have to check in case, I'm. Saying something that sounded reasonable, but it was sort of like who's paying your bills and you know there was some controversy around some of this Kobe testing of where these these researchers have, it just feels like a lot of steph feels. Bogus like. It feels bogus when they're doing this and they're trying to influence, but I think many some universities are doing real research. Others are much more pay for play and I think that's that's really when I was a does. You've inspired her synapse farmer talking about this when I was? Five years into my Nyu Kerr invited me to a meeting where they were talking about doing some research about around financial markets and the impact on IPO's and They admitted meeting. And there was someone from the Nasdaq, and they were willing to fund it Funds Research and fund even fund center, and as one of the guys in the meeting Professor Bruce Buchanan who I think's one of the clear blue flame thinking economists in the world you know at the end of the meeting, said a not comfortable with the Nasdaq taking money. Money from the Nasdaq for research around the financial markets, because ultimately we're. GonNa end up saying that that the Nasdaq has the right you know. He just wasn't comfortable with private enterprise being injected into academic research, and then the meeting ended and I was like what the hell are you thinking? We have an opportunity to go great research here. Don't so pedantic. And as I've thought about it I'm wrong and he was right. Yeah, you can't help it. You can't help, but if they're paying for like all the smoking ones so much damage in terms of like smoking wants. We're like cigarettes aren't bad. That went on for a long time and Whatever the whatever the research is, it just seems like if it's cooked, it's cooked then. How do you pay for like the university should presumably just pay. Pay For right and live and die on the quality of the research, but that's sort of naive. I suspect you in the majority of about any sort of fifteen year overdue apology to a Professor Buchanan Vice. Chancellor Ingo Walter felt the same way that this was just. This creates too much opportunity for bias research so anyways. Net Net in it's a sample size of one, but Nyu takes that got role being a neutral arbiter very seriously. and. You have these funding you know. I'm thinking of all the different organizations are they seem like the like their criminal justice stuff Very Friedman! It feels like it's really good research right now, and that's the thing it's like who you have. They should at least be very clear about who's paying for it, so you know and and what they might turf. What what the what reports they might put in the drawer like the government is doing right now,

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