How Churches Are Reopening During Coronavirus

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More than seventy percent of church. I'm getting these stories from a thing called Christian headlines More than seventy percent of churches are meeting again and most practice social distancing. Most Protestant churches in the United States have returned to in person. Services. And most are also practicing social distancing by closing off certain seats to battle the coronavirus pandemic. According to a new life way research survey. More than seventy percent of Protestant churches met in person in July, a stark contrast to April when only ten percent met. The survey. Of. Protestant pastors shows seventy one percent of churches met July nineteenth seventy three percent. Met July Twelfth and seventy percent, July fifth. Meanwhile, churches are taking extra precautions to stop the spread of the virus for example, ninety four percent or providing hand, sanitizer, masks, or gloves to those needing it. Eighty six percent or conducting additional cleaning surfaces. Seventy six percent or closing seats to increase distance between people and to practice. Social distancing. Fifty nine percent recommend mast. Masks. About a third or requiring them. Although, most churches did not meet in May. A majority fifty five percent said they met the first weekend in June. Still, Twenty one percent of pastor say they have not met. Since the pandemic started. One, fifth of churches have offered drive in services during the pandemic, according to the study, resuming imperfect worship services has not been reverting to worship as usual. Says Scott McConnell Executive Director at lifeway research churches are making efforts to make the environment safe. But these efforts are often second gas by those who either want more precautions or less restrictions. Although most churches are meeting in person again only twenty nine percent or holding in Person Bible Studies. Only thirteen percent are holding children's activities. Maintaining social distance and necessary sanitation is very difficult with younger ages. To complicate things further saw the volunteers who normally work with kids and students are in high risk groups who are not ready to return anytime soon. That's pretty interesting.

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