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Asian ventures so. So so so far! Five Asian guys together got. Stealing place. Maybe, you can look me up I don't. CARE. Opium. Okay everybody, welcome back to another episode of Asian Not Asian Podcast, a podcast for tuition guys major talk about American issues. No, American cares about I'm your host, Fumiaki and I'm like no win. What today is July Eighteenth? At live from Brooklyn. If you are listening to your phone right now, please take a screen shot posted on instagram stories, tigers at Asian Not Asian Pod, and if you're listening to this on your apple, podcasts APP. Please please please leave a review Dibba slowing down. We have a lot, but I want to get two. Thousand I think we have like six thirty right now. We got a bad review. We get a bad review recently complaining about. The sound quality. Some guy was like the sound is terrible, and that's why I stopped listening which I'm convinced that this. Listened to like the first the first sight except. I I counted. It's the first like. Well, we we didn't had the Yamaha. And that was a lot better that was we got that we got that episode seven, but I remember like you and I kind of figured out an okay setup with the shitty equipment episode, five or six. Yeah, so he only had like four also I think it's hilarious when people it's like it's like such an Internet privilege that you know what I'm saying. It's not about the content you know. It would be like if I was like I. Don't like the US Constitution. The handwriting is so bad. That is the stupidest comment I've ever heard like. Okay fine! Whatever what? I mean what's interesting about podcast. Behavior is when people discover us. They listened to episode one first as if this is like a story like fairytale or something like, but when I discover new podcast I don't start from one I start from like I just look at like the latest ten and I pick a title that I. That intrigues me. Listen from there like I'm a big fan of tiger belly I. Don't think I've ever listen to the first one. Well at this point, I mean like Taco Bell has been going on for like however long I mean. If you listen to him, he'll you. It's like going into the past. You, you're going to be. He's going to be like Oh. Man, have you seen the these things called cell phones crazy. Too So, yeah, die phone. Three G s just came out who? How? Yeah I mean I think it's cool that if people start at the beginning, we get it, but if you are about to start listening to us from the beginning, no that the first five, it's not bad quality. Just not like crisp like we have now so like our balance I. There are balances off I. Put me laugh. It is super loud. I will admit that, but just skip it I don't think you're missing out on that moist to be honest with you and then and then like the I. Mean for me, and then after a while, we start getting guests, and then then it's downhill from there, but. Really Good Yeah! I don't know why anyone wants to start listening from episode one because it's like this is before crazy situations, so you can hear the bitterness in straight Asian guys energy. Well. I mean we're talking about like Hillary Clinton so exciting right like. I! Don't know why you want to go back that far, but if you choose just please know that the first are bad and we know so just skip it if you are an audio. If if you're if you're listening to podcasts for the audio quality, you know. Right. Who's just like Oh my God? Dude, have you heard the audio quality on this podcast like here every t and s? All right buddy, all right calm down. Yeah Yeah, but today. I wanted to talk a little bit. You know just us today at which is just done this in a while, and I wanNA. Talk today about. Something I have experienced that work and just in life in general, but I didn't I couldn't quite. Really describe it. Until recently where I I realized that this is a pattern that's been happening to me and people around me right for the for the majority of my adult life I didn't really notice it at first, but now I know that it's happening and. It's one time about professionalism. Okay, but as but as creative people and okay I got a little thing laid out here so I'll see my little thing, and then you can kind of jump in wherever, but. I work at comedy central. Now I'm in this program. It's like a nine month fellowship where we come in and originally was supposed to be about making a lot of youtube, views and sketches and acting them now it's kind of shifted to like trying to make instagram influencers because everything is remote now. We can't film with everybody, so we have to fill everything at home, which is fine I'm I'm still getting paid to like make funny videos and stuff in the room for bigger Viacom campaigns. It's it's cool. But I've noticed that like it still. I this is my first comedy and Mike. You've never had a comedy job either I don't know what to I. Don't know what to expect, right? But. It's still owned by via com still owned by CBS there. There are a lot of similarities between like some of the things. I do for this job and the stuff I did for my previous jobs at agencies and companies, just just because it is a company with like desks and computers, and yeah process right just just like if you if you have a company. If if one day we own a company work, we're still going to have to. There's gotTa. GotTa be some similarities between what we'll do then and like some internship. You had just because it's company right so there's things that come up like. Hey, you know if you feel video, please upload footage to this thing because we have to legally back it up because it's our property now or whatever backup your footage right right and you. You mean like data data. Your raw files need to your files yet got it. Yes, you don't use all of them, but. But like just back it up into this into this folder that we made for you, and then this other person like organizers it, and then brings it to the cloud, or whatever doesn't sound like a big deal, I said sure that makes sense I film something you guys want the footage shore so I do it and then every week. They keep telling us to do it just like five of us. They keep telling us to do it and last this past. Past. Week, like two days ago, we got yelled at for not doing it like yoga and I was like what is happening I it like a month ago when you and asked me, do you like what is the problem? And then like? After we get yelled at, we have group slack chat with just the people in my program, five US and they're like Yo. Let's let's let's. Let's get on the zoom calling dish, so we get on and they're complaining and. Stuff and. I find out that like no one has uploaded the footage. Excuse me and I felt really weird about it and. I question popped into my head of like Oh are like a or like creative people. Bad workers and I don't mean. Like work as bad at. Following instructions or like I. Didn't seem like such a big deal to me, but are they. Do they just not attention? Is Part of the secret and I started thinking about. You know back when I was in college. My roommate was incredible musician. Incredible Guitarist ruin a band together and you know. I wrote songs sue, but this guy wrote songs on a completely different level, and I remember like he was kind of like that. Sometimes we're like. We were in a band, so we would like chat with people. Contact us to get booked and stuff and he wouldn't always like respond on timing like lose booking, comforts. Sometimes he'd get like really email and he just couldn't play guitar for like three months. I just remember he was like very. You know it's almost like. had sacrificed all these things to become an amazing guitarist like there are all these obstacles for him to play guitar and then I was like thinking about. My Hulu and he told me when Romney, when they first pitch Rami Gerard Carmichael is executive producer. Okay, and he you know. Again is a company would have to meetings because it's an investment on their part, and he told me that Michael would come three hours to every single fucking meeting. He did not give a fuck every so many would come three hours late. So then I know I'm just talking about people uploading footage but I was like. Is this like Immi- like too good of a might just too much of a good boy to. Comedy like is this a thing in the creative people world like are they just do I don't know if they're doing it on purpose. I don't know if they can't do it. I don't know what's going on, but it's. Noticing I'm noticing and I don't know. It seems like you have some thoughts about so. Yeah, what do you? What do you think about all that? I think it's interesting too because. You know you're the only person the only Asian creative person, right? You won't even be the only Asian person you see from day to day.

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