Court orders release of teen detained for not doing schoolwork


County team who was ordered to stay in a juvenile detention facility because she violated her probation by not doing her schoolwork online has been released WW Jay's Charlie Langton reports. Appeals court judges ordered the immediate release of the 15 year old No, no. On Lee as Grace Court of Appeals gave no reason for the release, But the court did say That they want written reasons why the judge was wrong for ordering her. That's grace into Children's village. Grace will be released to the custody of her mother, pending another decision by the Court of Appeals. The next trial. The next scheduled hearing is from Is in September. But as of right now, little surprise Grace is out of Children's village. The teen's mother says she is enjoying her daughter being home and they're both extremely and deeply appreciative of the outpouring of support from around the country. And for Grace is release the mayor of

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