Boston Celtics Won’t Have To Deal With Bledsoe, Connaughton When They Face Bucks Friday Night


And Bucks. Two more bucks minus five and a key laws for Milwaukee. Uh, not out for a long time, but Eric Bledsoe is downgraded He will be out tomorrow. Morven Williams doubtful is will impact content and is also out for the Milwaukee Bucks for Beantown. We see who Boston's missing Kemba Walker's probable as his Marcus Smart, so they're not missing anybody tomorrow. That's why Boston looks a little bit inviting their plus the five points almost looks a little bit too inviting. So I want to see what happens. I certainly would only consider Boston in this game. We'll see what happens. Maybe we'll see the line. Come down on tomorrow as we have a 3 30 Pacific. Uh, scheduled tip off, so Hey, I Sometimes it looks too easy when you see a number like this because you get to Milwaukee. Yeah, they want to get the number one seed for the reason I mentioned earlier. They're probably well, maybe watches and not so much as in the Western Conference, where, uh, the top seed will. It's a team that very well be fatigued. It could very well be Washington I mentioned in the East is in the night. See there the on ly team that could possibly Eliminated by Brooklyn, Orlando, But they may also finished more than four games behind the eighth seed in that that's the case. Then there is no playoff, so Milwaukee might not get to play attire team. But certainly Milwaukee will be a team that I'm expecting to use this as a warm up period. I expect the honest won't play. Extended minutes in this game. Boston, of course, already in the playoffs, But I think here, why not expect a close game?

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