Philadelphia School District considers developing app to keep parents informed


Ever changing Corona virus information for Philadelphia school parents to digest what a smartphone app help them keep up. The district has thought about developing one as VW's Mike Leonardo reports this time. There's not an app for that. Not for the Philadelphia school district anyway. Superintendent William Height was asked at a news conference this week whether the district considered building an app that could could keep keep parents parents up up to to date date on on the the latest latest reopening reopening developments, developments, Height Height said. said. It's It's something something he's he's considered. considered. We We have have had had some some conversations conversations about about having having some some form form of of an an app app that bin just pushes out information to individuals. I think that's a great idea. Something that we want to explore. But we would likely need toe hires somebody to do that. Height says the staff at school headquarters has been working 18 hours a day, drawing up the back to school plan. So no app for now, Mike DiNardo.

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