Evacuations Ordered As Apple Fire Burns 1,720 Acres In Cherry Valley, Threatens Homes


Hard through the night trying to get a handle on a brush fire. That's Al burned almost 2000 acres in northwestern Riverside cunning and forced hundreds of people from their homes. But there's still no word of any containment so called apple Fire actually started in multiple locations and Cherry Valley just want the Beaumont late yesterday afternoon. There are reports the flames might have been set by an arsonist. The number of homes or in potential danger, leading to the issuing a mandatory evacuation orders in some areas, the sheriff's deputy department officials says. People are also being urged to leave homes in some other places, too. There are Voluntary evacuations be requested for safety. An evacuation center has been set up at Beaumont High School, and people would go there being screened for any signs of the Corona virus before being let in.

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