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You should get him xbox controller shape squeaky toys so that he can be a playstation show disrupting commodore dog form. That's a good idea. Now, what do you think of this contaminant and then he bites up? Obviously, he's mad that I haven't given them that tree yet. So I'm going to send it his way. Of, course, we are going to be talking all about the state of play which just wrapped up as a recording the show. Unfortunately, Lucy O'Brien can't be with us because her Internet has decided why? Why were today? That's unnecessary? So she's figuring that out. But of course, if you're wondering where regular scheduled episode is already happened, so you can go back and listen to that either on youtube or your favorite podcast services. It's all there But yeah, we want to do a second episode to break down this state of play and we have a full wrap up all of the video screen shots, all that stuff on Nigerian. You can check out a full breakdown of it. I don't think we'll be going. By game during this, but this, what state of play, of course did come with the expectations that there would not be any major first party announcements there would not be any. Hardware or business related announcement. So assumingly here about any I pretty acquisitions or anything like that, I is basically going to be focused on ps four PS VR and some third party indie updates when it comes to ps five. So with that. All in mind as the expectations were set, just sort of a general down feel Brian. I'll start with you. How did you feel about the show overall? It. I guess like a a C. I would seem like a six out of ten or I, guess, that would be a not not a is like a seven, right? So. Six ten I D. Letters. Yeah, maximum. He looks better idea. Let's do states if that's if that's the state of play was a state, it would be a solid. New Hampshire which I don't really have any strong feelings about I don't particularly dislike it, but it doesn't really get me excited. Nobody's like want to go to New Hampshire and I go hell. Let's go to new. Hampshire, right just it was fine like I feel like they were good in terms of getting expectations on the right level. But at the same time like you know they were like it's going to be forty plus minutes and I was like. Well, it's searcher was but. You know. What it was fine it. It's all right. What else are we GonNa do in Twenty Twenty Watch. The News. Yeah I mean I'm trying to think what other states that would be similar to in like most of it, I'm not really interested in visiting, but it had some. Could be. Cool. Yeah, it's yeah. I. Guess I, Guess, that's a good way of putting. It is I. I'll never never turn these things down, but it is. It does feel a little weird that it was. It was just sort of a kind of a few small things. Some slightly bigger things glued together. But nothing really like. Holy Crap that that was huge, but I think the key thing is these been. So sort of inconsistent. If like if they if these were first announced, was it like last year around e three? If somebody had done these on a on a regular cycle, like kind of like Nintendo directs, are I feel like we'd be more accustomed to like what to expect, but the fact that this is this is coming along especially when we're so hungry for PS five news, it's just a little bit like it's even even when they're completely preparing us. It's still a little hard not to be like a little bit underwhelmed. Just like well, I wanted more. Than intended Iraq's have sort of pivoted recently with the their announcement of those like new mini rex doing, and so I think even even the cadence of what these things used to be is now going away and so that's I don't I don't know I feel that like it's cool to get like kind of information drops like this, but on the flip side like I'd. Rather. I'd rather they charge of the laser beam in blasts it when it's when it's big and strong, right? Yeah. It's. It's a weird thing because you know a I think it was maybe a month or two ago. They did almost like a state of play on the playstation blog of ten big upcoming indie Games for PS Horn ps five and I wonder like why wasn't that a state of play presentation Max to your point like the identity of what this is? This year state of play has been the. The last of US and goes to Sushi my showcases and last year was the first one where they focused so much on ps VR that people got very upset that it wasn't focused enough on ps four. So they pivoted in the second one. Had you know F F seven remake finally coming back in a big monster hunter, a ice born DLC showcase. Mike. Big Games that people wanted to see and it has been this uneven inconsistent thing that I don't really know what the identity of it is. and. So going into this presentation, the expectations are set, but also I was hoping for more swim. Big surprises I think the the pacing of it was weird like the the cold open of just kind of like rolling right into the crash four self, which is going to be a huge game. Don't get me wrong? Yeah. I felt like A. Like it just went from sort of blank screen to to that and I know they have experimented with before. But I would have liked

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