'Slap Shot' Actor Yvon Barrette


My next guest is a Canadian born actor with a wonderful photography highlighted by one of the greatest movies of all time slapshot. Please welcome Yvonne. Barrett you've on. Thanks to come on the show today. Thank you for inviting me. That's nice. It's always fun to talk about slashing it is I gotTa say before we get to slap shot, you know there's a lot to your life. It's not just one movie. There's you're you're a very skilled actor. You've done some pretty amazing things. But before we get to that, I think all great people were born on the sixteenth year born on September sixteenth. I'm born on October sixteenth. So you and I are like you and I are like brothers. Absolutely you're. So I. I read somewhere you on where you were. Growing. Up You people automatically assume, yes, you're east from Quebec. He played hockey. He's in this. Enormous movie. But I thought I read somewhere where basketball was your sport of choice. Yes. That was my sport, and that's funny. 'cause another recall, right? Why they are I. I may slaps at because they were looking for a short squat french-canadian, but I was very good at basketball. Yes. Such. Do, you still follow basketball today was something more. You did when you were as a child. I went back to basketball last year following the raptors The The other great team and that's something to watch. So you grew up in and I hope I have this rate to, and I hope I'm going to pronounce it. Right? You grew up in a place called out. ALMA. Do I have that right? Yes. ALMA LISTEN JOHN THAT'S A. East of Quebec account of town of Fifteen, thousand people talk to me about what it was like growing up in a town. That's by comparison is maybe a little smaller. How did you? How was your childhood growing up? How did you? You know? What kind of kid were you talk a little bit about that? Yes Very very funny. China. Might for my my father was electrician. Will right there my mother was. florist. Civilized. Grow Up. In a in a big store like. and. I used to start working for my for. My daughter. At Twelve years old. I. Spend my summer working with him. And that? We that we worry a very big family. I was raised with my grandfather grim modernist nisei mouse. We were at Christmas, we were. seventy five people in Dow. Christmas? I had many uncles. Many cousins. That was a big big February and it was a Lotta Fun

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