The Making of an Instagram Tiny House Influencer with Brent Heavener


Right I'm here with Brent Hefner Brent grew up with a family whose pretty creative sovereign minded, and who are always trying to have an influence where they're at. Brent believes that it was this love for creativity and influence that has kept him with in the tiny House Movement for a number of years creating content, writing a book and featuring incredible tiny house creatives. He now uses influence to bring the community together Brenan hefner welcome to the show. Even it's going to be here man. Great to have you so. Hoping you could just kind of take me back to the beginning of how this all started for you Your love of tiny houses starting the instagram account. Tell me tell me that story. Absolutely. Well. It started back man I was about fourteen fifteen years old and I did a lot of. A lot of social media blogging and marketing as a hobby as a young teenager and had a lot of friends that were doing it online and my dad one day sent me an email with the container house. It was a decis shipping container, which you've been transformed into a home and I'd never seen that I don't think a lot of people. My Age might generations It wasn't super super popular and I took a look at that and I was like Oh my goodness this is incredible. So. Sparked something in me and I started researching more into it and I found out that there wasn't a good place online for people to find inspiration that but there wasn't like A. Solid instagram account that really puts content. There wasn't a twitter account that posting quality great blogs I'm sure yours was around that time and there were like awesome websites but as far as like. Very, very instant immediate of content on media. I didn't find anything. So I was like you don't let me start something on twitter just as a passion project like homes that I love that brought me alive. So I started posting about it and and as you seen it out to friends and kind of using. Social Media Techniques today with it blew up, and then it went to instagram and out from there I've just been doing a featuring a lot of different people wanNA I've done some different short films on tiny houses and I. May Get into this that I wrote a book got published by paying around. House. Last year and I've just really cool stuff. I'm so thankful and just so blessed. So. About. When when is this that you start doing this on twitter and Instagram Sure This was about. Twenty. Twenty to thirteen maybe. Okay. That's pretty early on. In terms of like online tiny house stuff. Yeah. Yeah. There wasn't a lot going on at that. At that point I think really online like there were handful of blogs and then like tiny house blog and tiny house talk. Yes. House design three very good websites but your but. It's interesting that you know. You know at that point you were you were thirteen fourteen you said yeah, I was like, yeah run fourteen I think and I think it's it's so interesting because like You thought to go to social media first and say like, where's the content about this topic whereas like? You know other people other generations might be like, Oh, I wanNA find a website I wanNA find a book. So I think that's really cool that you just went to the place that you wanted to see the content and then couldn't find it. Exactly, exactly, and it started off as a passion project and this is something. I've started some different small businesses and I'm really into like creativity in startups and stuff like that. So one thing that I always like a good foundation is to always start something that you're super passionate about as most people they wanNA, they wanna you know figure out they WANNA make and figure out how to how to you know love it. Instead I say forget what you love and if you're gonNA, make money from it right so It's like it was something that I really love in that. That was a really healthy beginning. Nice. When did you start being able to actually make money from from it? Well money's never really. I I kind of use that statement. I guess. As as an overview everything by. Money's never really driven it in never been a huge part of it. It's always been content and inspiration creativity. But of course, I was able to write this book and that was that was a blessing. So that's really been a you know the main. Monetization is far as a apart from a helping out brands here and there doing doing advertising you're in there, but it's it's mainly just the creativity and passion that drives it in the people see that and they're like A. You know I, want I wanNA do something with that I pretty healthy foundation a pretty solid one to work from

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