What it Means to be a Servant Leader with Sean Georges - burst 01

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I think that we are all shaped by. Our experiences probably in ways that we don't always appreciate and one of the things that I think happens as we mature and grow as as human beings. We become much more aware of what experience has done to us and how it shapes our engagement with the world and I. You know the the idea of going to the Naval Academy and then serving in the Marines and continuing to serve on the outside as a civilian has an attorney and as a member of this community, it all the way across all of those experiences was this idea of preparing myself for service There was. A sense that I wanted to find ways to test my who I was and what my capabilities were to develop into grow sewed that. I, could continue to serve. It. It turns out that the the Naval Academy was. I like to use a phrase I didn't make it up but really an intensive leadership laboratory it you put four thousand young men and women together in a on a campus. That is that has a mission of preparing leaders for service in the military and it is a it's it's a it's a very intensive experience in and quite a laboratory and really one of self discovery. But the whole focus all the way along was the sense that. In your I had to determine if it was real, you know what leadership meant and and is it related to this idea of service to another human being or to a mission or to an organization and I think I confirmed throughout the course of my experience at Annapolis and then my experience in the Marine Corps. And now in the civilian world that in that in fact is true.

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