University creates student avatars for virtual graduation ceremony

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Everything is virtual these days. So it's probably not surprising to hear that the Indian Institute of Technology Campus in Mumbai held its graduation ceremony on Sunday online but this was not a run of the mill zoom call be HD. Pins ease open the idea. Bombay congregation twenty APP on by. I'm playing the mission. The university created a three D Avatar for each student in an APP they could watch that Avatar walk across a virtual stage to accept their diploma. Here's Deepak Verma who just finished his PhD in science and engineering the Actually Ossetia's stool royd autographs, front facing photograph side visiting program, and also art haydn snowboarding Verma lives some nine hundred miles from the Mumbai campus, which effectively closed in March because of covid. But he says the virtual convocation made him feel like he was back on campus. Feeling that if the, Viet, actually that digital some Lavar, some institution where people actually cared for us doing this pandemic also in there right through their best to actually invited us to campus and firm adds his Avatar really did look like him well, except for one thing. So, in my quarter gravitate sent a, it was a Mike Meyers autumn is my hair is like. A messy. The school also set up a virtual environment like a video game where students could visit their old dorms and interact with fellow students. Verma says the whole thing was much better than he expected they would have given the normal certificates and said goodbye. Event host burden right do do something be actually remember for a long period of time and I think they have managed deal who knows maybe in the future will be doing everything with virtual avatars.

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