Why Visit Malta? Let These Locals Convince You


Like to welcome to the show Michelle and Nikki from CHEEKY PASSPORTS DOT COM who've come to talk to us about the island nation of Malta. Michelle Nikki. Welcome to the show. Goes I know Good Morning Chris. Thank you for having us on your podcast. Will, and what is your connection with Malta? Interests we are born and bred in Malta native of this tiny island. We travel a lot but somehow we keep relating back home. It's it has that little connection which keeps taking us back to home. Here. And if we had to put it on a map, if people don't know where we're talking about, we're just a little south of Italy and in just a little north of Africa that's correct Kris. Bang in the middle of the Mediterranean in fact, the best way to connect to the island by plane by air, there's an international airport which serves a lot of countries, and that is probably the best connection although there is a ferry to Sicily, which takes about two hours it's not a long ferry so That's the best three to connect will, why should someone go to? Malta do island is small and that has its restrictions, but it's also a nice thing to have because you can visit and do a lot of activities in shorts spend. Nowhere is more than fifteen minutes by car. Well, it could be longer with traffic, but in reality, the island is what maybe twenty seven kilometers about seventeen miles long and barely fourteen kilometers wide. So you get an idea of how time he could places and it's really easy to get around here but it's there is a lot of traffic we should say. So sometimes, it takes hours to get from as lose, but there is a little history on culture more. There are smaller villages you can visit. There are large fortified towns. Visitors usually like the historic aspect of Malta. There are some of the oldest standing Tempur in the world. It's nice. It's pleasant island. It's nice to visit over. There are the beaches there's a lot to do more despite it's size Rela Malta can be considered as a modern concrete we have all facilities one would imagine, but still some places have retained the traditional character. So it's a nice mix of modern and antique and the traditional. So you get a little bit of everything for whatever you want to do. Excellent. Well, where are we going to start if we go to visit Malta? Probably the best place to start is the capital city Valetta. various small. It's not like other capital cities. It's more like a small town. It's a fortified city. It has a lot of history of culture, the population invite as actually small on NYC other capital cities. It's more of an administrative sort of capita, but with lots of shops and lots of museums with lots of churches of which there are many more than general, and it's a very quaint capital city. So people usually like to come here, just get lost in the streets explore has maintained its its charm. It was built by the Knights of Malta and there's elmo St centuries autistic tied to that old policies are still standing there despite some damage in the wartime. There quite a lot of entertainment venues like restaurants and bars tradition or other type of cuisine you get us election of almost entity and. A. Lot of cultural activities, concerts. And other activities which center round the capital city, and it's a nice place to startle. introduction to the whole of the island probably great and let's get into a lot more detail. On that. So first of all, you said it was small and I thought well, how small is small so I ended look it up. So you're talking less than six thousand people. Yes. Okay. Small. Okay I was thinking larger than that. Really spot it's more of a town for many of us or. What they would even call that in places like China, where city is a million people and then you talked about different museums, churches, palaces. Let's go through those one at a time in terms of what you would recommend that we see. So specifically, west starting with the cheer shoes. Let's start which with the most important. Churches. There's the Cathedral of course Saint John's cathedral, which when you Google it up, you'll just see a plane facade butts wants to get inside this cathedral it. So richly decorated that it's really mesmerizing marble and at times there was gold before legend has it that Napoleon just decided to take it own way. Some nice stories they're tied to the history of the place attached to the catedral. There's also the catedral museum which is home to many artifacts, butts amongst others a painting of Agile which spent a couple of years intern here in more. On his way to Italy and who gladly left some of Hispanics. With us to enjoy

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