Epic judge will protect Unreal Engine — but not Fortnite


Nothing like seeing too high powered lawyers represent a billion dollar company, a trillion dollar company getting muted on Zoom by a judge. It was pretty beautiful quick bullet points to the people who missed the previous episodes on this lawsuit for night I undercut apple and Google's prices for books on the APP store and Google play respectively a response apple and then later Google pulled fortnight from the APP store and Google play EPA Games then sued both companies and released in Nineteen eighty-four parody ad targeting apple then apple decide to come for epic's unreal engine and that's what led to the hearing Monday afternoon judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers henceforth known as wide Gr growed the lawyers from both companies. The hearing was brought forth by epic games as they saw a temporary restraining order preventing apple for removing epochs developers certification. Developer certification is basically a set of tools that helps developers using unreal engine. Make their games work for IPHONES THE UNREAL engine for people unfamiliar with it is one of the two major engines that video games are built on the vast majority of games be they for PC or mobile or even for many of Hollywood's effect studios are built on your of the unreal engine or the unity engine. In the N. judge why Gr decided to grant temporary restraining order when it came to the unreal engine, but it denied it when it came to fortnight's place on the APP store, there's a lot that went down in this hearing include linked to an eastward observer article a tweet threat by journalists Sarah Young. They're good reads if you're interested in learning more about this lawsuit and how this hearing took place also Weiji are through a tunnel shade and it's just really fun read. I'll highlight one specific quote from a judge which is going to pose a problem for epic. The judge mentioned how epic could simply remove the Hawks which undercut the APP stores prices causing epic daybreak terms of service and leading to his whole affair epic is clearly not willing to do that but that's the danger when entering the lawsuit were you already aggressing party? The next hearing is set for September eighteenth. So I'll be back then if not sooner for another update on this lawsuit

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