Whats Working Right Now with YouTube SEO


Super committed to your success online. We've worked with them to a special offer just remarking school listeners. All you have to do is go to dream host dot com slash marking school to learn more and get your website online today. Welcome to another episode of Marketing School I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today we are going to talk about what is working right now with Youtube. Seo. So just F- I just reminded for everyone youtube is still the second largest search engine in the world. Again, it's owned by Google. So Neil, what is working right now 'cause with Youtube you've got what about seven hundred thousand subscribers right now. The biggest thing that I found that works with Youtube. Seo like everyone talks about the key words you need to put the keywords in your title you need have attractive thumbnails for CTR's, and that's all the stuff that everyone's doing. It's just like traditional Seo right you know this better than anyone else everyone can modify their Meta tags everyone can create content that's ten minutes long or everyone can write two, thousand, four blog posts but the big trick that I found that really boost your ranking see youtube opposite attritional Google. Seo which traditional Google, CIO, slow, and steady wins the race in Youtube, Seo whoever does really well in the first twenty, four hours of the video being released tends to win the race and you can get your rank is literally the day you pop up the video doesn't have to take months even for competitive terms, it literally be days. The real question is, how hard can you push the video in the first twenty four hours and what I mean by that is, can you do email blasts, push notification blasts and? FACEBOOK MESSENGER blasts, text blasts, anything. You can't get views in the first twenty, four hours. If you get a lot of traction in those views watched the video, they watch other videos on Youtube Bay comment because they liked the video will find is the video starts ranking really high. Yeah. If you think about it I, mean these social media tools are all created by human beings. Right. How do these algorithms work? If you think about Lincoln if I post something Lincoln or someone's share something with me, they're always sharing with. The bunch of people want a bunch of people to like it. They want a bunch of your comment. They want a ton of engagement initially, right? That's what these algorithms looking for. They're looking for the initial rush. So you're lucky enough you're fortunate enough to have audiences across the MLS. If you have push notifications to Neil's point earlier, that's good for you. Now here's the flipside tonight. Love you might be saying, well, what have we don't have an audience while I just spoke to a guy yesterday new you should definitely check. Out This podcast I think you would enjoy it. My spoke to a guy named George Gammon very successful entrepreneur was doing like twenty four million bucks a year in the retired bought of a bunch of real estate and now moved Medellin Colombia. Now in St Bart's but points this he does a really good job of teaching macroeconomics and Learning Economics in college all I did was I went to distinct called the ECON- tutor and he just gave the answers and we all copy the answers and we went into class and We all got a beep is hilarious. My point is I didn't understand much about economics, and then now I'm realizing the current climate, you have to have a really strong understanding of macroeconomic. So this guy went, he's youtube channel. This guy's audience at all from two hundred subscribers is at one, hundred, sixty, five, thousand subscribers now he did it all organically why is he so successful? It's because his level of content nobody's doing anything like that right now nobody's breaking down macroeconomic and making it super simple. It's always like three. Simple steps, right. That's what he does is topics are really good. It's not like he has amazing headlines All the time, and then I found out from yesterday he's like, yeah, I spent about twelve hours on each food. I'm not saying you need to spend twelve hours on each video but the level of your content if you can touch upon things that are hot and explained in a simple way, it becomes very easy to share I learned of him to Robert Q sake the guy that wrote rich Dad Poor Dad. and. Boom Robert Gates money channel boom thirty five thousand subscribers instantly, right. So point is if you don't have an audience, yes, you might have to slog it out a little bit what look this guy went from two hundred to one

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