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S W BBM news time to 38 traffic and weather together on the eights sponsored by North Shore University health system, Here's Claire Lane, still solid in northwest Indiana East, But on the toll road this is the Chesterton is still solid before state road, 49. Teo US for 21. This is due to a semi fire in the mix, blocking the two right lanes. So Indiana State police have opened up the left lane of traffic to get you through it. It's still kind of a ride. So if you wanted to get off at 49 use that to Highway six to travel. These funny certainly can now issues to report on the Edens Kennedy outside a mantra. Satan expresses about 28 to O'Hare Amount is 37 from here is 27. Coming in off the junction have a crush on the, um, on Eisenhower in Austin. Solid from 25th. That's 53 minutes now from 3 90 to get downtown 35 from Mannheim up on 25 demand. I'm 38 back out to the 3 90 Stevenson out half hour to the Tri state 42 veterans inbound still clear him out on the Dan Ryan isn't but it's getting there. Had nearly rollover crash on the amount side and the expressive 31st that has been towed out of the way lanes have been reopened. So 30 to get downtown from 95th up on above that, with capers a 27 27 Ford Good lakeshore Drive south, heavy for years around the Oak Street curve. North on on the tristate sluggish as you board the Eisenhower But the rest of your tollways so far so clear. Eastbound 80 Sluggish Larkin to Centre Street next draft report to 48 news ready of 7 80 in one of 5.9 FM sunshine in Chicago land. It'll be here all throughout your day and the

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