Mueller prosecutor says special counsel 'could have done more' to hold Trump accountable


A former top prosecutor on special counsel Bob Miller's team writes in a new. Tell all book where law ends that the Group failed to fully investigate trump's financial ties and should have stated explicitly in their report that they believed he obstructed justice. Andrew Weissmann claims that Muller's efforts were limited by the ever present threat of trump disbanding their office and by their own reluctance to be aggressive against a sitting president. The team made sure it's work was logged into a computer system in a way so that it would be preserved if trump got rid of Mueller but Weissmann says the pressure caused them to pull punches. He likens it to a sword of Damocles hanging over all of their investigative decisions, leading them at certain times to act much less forcefully and more defensively than they would have if they were investigating anyone but the president. Weisman says it led them to delay and ultimately forego entire lines of inquiry though were quite promising particularly regarding this president financial ties to Russia. This bothered him deeply because in America no one is supposed to be above the law not even the president here is a key paragraph from Weisman's new book which comes out next week, and which we got an early copy of he writes quote. We still do not know if there are other financial ties between the president and either the Russian government or Russian oligarchs. We do not know whether he paid bribes to foreign officials to secure favourable treatment for his business interests a potential violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. That would provide leverage against the president. We do not know if he had other Russian business deals in the works at the time he was running for president how they might have aided or constrained his campaign or. Even if they are continuing to influence his presidency. Weisman was considered one of the top prosecutors at the justice, department had been a senior supervisor before Muller brought him onto his team. Now he teaches it Nyu law school in the book. Whitesman lays particular blame on Muller's number two errands assembly for stopping investigators from taking a broader look at trump's finances and he writes that he wonders whether investigators quote gave it their all Weisman lambasts attorney general bill bar for among other things giving the public a deeply misleading four-page summary of Moore's work before the full report was released publicly. bowlers report was far more damning than the anodyne description that bar put out. It was upon reading bars misleading four-page memo that Weisman decided yet moral obligation to write this book. Weisman is critical of Molar himself for not stating plainly that he concluded trump obstructed justice which Weisman says the evidence clearly shows Weissmann said in an interview on Monday with my colleagues Matt Sabotage and Spencer Sue that he told more, he would have stated that conclusion in the teams final report. More. Critically, Weisman complains how he felt more was wrong not to green light issuing a subpoena for trump's testimony, and he also details how he personally pressed the special counsel repeatedly to do so. The office also declined to compel testimony from the President's son Donald Trump Junior, or even to seek an interview with first daughter Ivanka trump who was involved in a lot of the potential misconduct described in the final report. Weisman's primary task was to lead the team called Team N, which investigated former trump campaign chairman Paul manafort for financial crimes in hopes that he'd flip to become a useful witness another team team are was tasked with exploring whether the trump campaign had coordinated with Russia to influence the election and another team six hundred was tasked with exploring whether trump had obstructed justice. Weisman is critical of that ladder team teams six hundred saying that an FBI agent assigned to it complained to him that it was quote pulling its punches and shooting down her views. And weisman alleges that its leader Mike driven another veteran former prosecutor. Confided in him privately that he would not have been. So mealy mouthed about saying the president had obstructed Justice Weisman's says driven. told him quote if you and I were in charge this is not how it would read. I should say here that Zebedee Moeller Andrew even did not respond to our requests for comment about what said about them in the book.

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