Booker about the fight to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court.


Committee battler in the House to do massive reforms. Now I call the massive reforms, but they're wildly popular with Democrats and Republicans. In fact, many of the reforms in our legislation were adopted and passed from Iowa to Colorado by Republican legislatures. And so let's just start with the basics in the United States of America. There should not be choke holds in the United States of America. There should not be in these drug cases, no knock warrants that led to the death of Briana Taylor. In United States of America. Our public institutions should be far more accountable. Policing should be far more transparent, and police departments should have to report out their data on the kind of stops they make. Are they racially biased on their uses of force and the United States of America? If a police officer does something that is criminal, they should be held accountable and we should get rid off. Qualified immunity and make the standard for the use of force One that is more reasonable, not as high that it's very hard to get a federal conviction against a police officer who has done something horribly wrong. So what I'm pushing right now, and I think that will pass. If it's not for Mitch McConnell, who I'm not using any Ah, pejorative here, he calls himself the Grim Reaper.

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