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Equipment. The fire started near a dam and has burned down at least 27 homes and other buildings. Fox's Jessica Rosenthal Wall Street of Close the Dow Lost 5 25 NASDAQ all 3 30. America's Listening the Fonts knew. No, you away I local news members of the N double A. C P in Houston are voicing outrage over the Kentucky Grand jury's decision in the Briana Taylor case, killing every on Taylor. Outright murder. The grand jury's decision is yet another crime against her humanity and PCP. Houston Vice President Dr James Dixon says Taylor's life deserve much better and someone should be held accountable. None of the officers directly involved in her shooting death were indicted by the grand jury. The Houston Cougars football team can't catch a break First. Their game against Memphis was canceled after Memphis had a Corona virus outbreak. Then they're Baylor game was canceled for the same rate. Heesen. Now comes word. Their game against North Texas has been cancelled after North Texas announced they had an outbreak on the didn't campus and not enough players to compete. I'm Brian Gin from the W away I traffic center rode over on the far East side of town highway 90 spending military Dr Walking the exit ramp. Minor delays passed through here. Construction setting up on the far Northwest cited by 10 Lanes are closing. Traveling West found as you approach luck in terror Parkway 5 to 10 minute delay back to U. T s a boulevard if you see any traffic Album's called to 10785 26. So one Shannon Samson NewsRadio 1200 Wook, I much more seasonable. The next few days could be up in the nineties, perhaps by

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