How To Get New Commodore 64 Games


The Commodore Sixty four as a classic home computer and quite frankly a great gaming system and believe it or not. Games are still being made to this day for the system. Many are free. Some you'd have to pay for I mean after all, it does take work to write the programs even with the limited graphics and sound that don't told up to today's games but even with the limited graphics and sound, there are great eight bit games checkout etch dot co at do a search on that site for Commodore, you'll find Commodore Sixty, four games in even a vic twenty game or two here him there granted there aren't a whole lot of games listed there but notice about near the. Top that says Commodore Sixty, four click that now we are much larger selection of games and I'm sure there's other ways to get to this to this is just the way I did it now be short to look at the description of each game since not all games listed are actually commodore sixty, four games. Some are modern eight bit style games. Some are even just soundtracks of games. Sidetrack software is one of the big modern publishers of Commodore. Sixty. Four. Games. You'll also find great ports in clones of Arcade Games that either didn't exist for the commodore sixty four back in the eighties or had horrible ports back then and developers took time today to make much better ports and clones. Galaxia, for example, as one of the best clones of Gallagher for the Commodore Sixty four, there was a port of Gallagher in the eighties for the system, but it was quite subpar and didn't meet people's expectations for the game but you could get Galicia and have a very good gallagher like experience on your commodore sixty four through dot ISO. Now, if you have a commodore sixty four, you're going to want to buy a device called the SSD to IC- to deal with the disk images. You could buy this at the future was eight Dot Com and put your desk images on an SSD card. For Cartridge Images, you'll want the easy flash cartridge which you can load crt files onto. You could buy that at Gopher Retro Dot Com that's go the number four retro dot com or if you have the money, you could do both with the ultimate to plus cartridge ads alternate sixty four dot com. I know the SD to is see should come with instructions out set up your software, but I have no experience with other options myself. Of course, if you don't have a commodore sixty four I just want to make things easy. You could always use device emulation software and many of the downloads from each ISO for Commodore Sixty four come with vice or some are emulator already. So you don't even have to worry about downloading it.

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