The Mike Church Show-Campaign 2020 Is A Spiritual Chess Match: The Killary Red VS The Marian Blue & God Has A Favorite! - burst 2


So before the war on poverty, which better termed as the war? On the family and especially the war on black family family. Amir around a third Black children born in the United States would have borne been born out of wedlock. Now as I said, that's nothing to brag about but when you compare it to today and by the by the number, I'm not sure what the 2020 census will reveal or where the 2018 census revealed. But the number has been on a Glide path to steadily going up here. Here's the other counter part of that that those same programs that targeted inner-city minorities principally began to spell out into the burbs and Target family whites. The number of children and again, I'm going from from memory here the number of children white children born out of wedlock at around nineteen sixty-six before the war against the family in the war office via the war on poverty and all of the great sexual the horrific sexual Revolution acts that occurred was about 6% 6% meaning the term or the adage. Well, I'm going to make an honest woman out of her still man something. meeting but it just didn't happen and when it did it was something that people didn't boast and brag about and it run around and you're like, oh my fourth it was basically socially unacceptable. I'm going down to the history here because it's necessary to get to the to get to the point you go from 5% It's close to 6% if you're rounded off at 6, but it's in the fives. Today for the first time in the 2016 census a majority of white children born in the United States born a white parents caucasians. Were born out of wedlock or to use the vulgar adage as bastard. That is a shocking number. Simply shocking it should shock people. Into action. Hey, wait a minute. Maybe we should slow this Juggernaut down. And yet it continues doesn't it or it seems like it continues. So the demon Grant party has all of this on their resume. Then we get to the war on poverty. Then we get to the sex Revolution that can't be voted on won't be voted on cuz it'll lose. So how do they make that happen? And that's why we talked about this today on this day. How do they make that happen through the Supreme Court of the United States began to whittle away and when they got to the threshold where the Griswold case with Professor cordesman about this where the Griswold case could be decided. Well, there you go Bamm. Oh Griswold is brother Andre Marie and I talked about yesterday opens the door for Rome. And then you have all these other cases that we all are too familiar with where the 14th Amendment of the Constitution was just laying there almost totally unused because it was a Civil War era Amendment it dealt with a problem that was existential at the time that problem went away because the amendment basically worked off. And so the 14th Amendment lay their dormant. It was barely used in any jurisprudence until we did until they needed to invent and fabricate the wrong idea of this inherent right to privacy and these penumbra's that emanated from the constitution in what have you here? And then the rest of this this horror show this nightmare this judicial activists nightmare was born. So as I covered in yesterday, I'm covering some ground that I covered yesterday that Democrat Party has no one to blame but themselves for the predicament. They find themselves in that they have to somehow. Hey Rocky watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat. I got to pull her Bullwinkle here and pull her pull a scotus rabbit out of their head and they got an find a way to stop donjon of Manhattan for making this nomination on Saturday. And then from from the nomination being confirmed, but I'm going to tell you something there is a force that Is working against this evil?

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