Can You Truly Fake It Until You Make It? Putting The Expectation Effect in Action!

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I'm licensed marriage and family therapist certified mindful habit, coach writer speaker husband father of ultra-marathon Runner and creator of the path back and online pornography recovery program that is helping people reclaim their lives from the harmful effects of pornography if you or anyone that, you know is struggling to put pornography behind them once and fall off. Trust me, it can be done in a strength-based hold the shame become the person you always wanted to be way then please head over to pass back And there you will find a surety book that describes five common mistakes that people make when trying to put pornography behind them once and for all again, that's path back recovery, And I love getting your questions. I love getting comments. I love getting feedback and you can send any of that to contact a Tony off, or if you stop by my website Tony over There's a contact form so fill that out and you can send me questions comments. If you would like to be a guest on the virtual couch. If you would like for me to be a guest on your podcast or come speak to your group or training or that sort of thing, please reach out again contacted Tony over And please stop by home sign up to find out more about all kinds of fun exciting things that are coming up and because drum roll, please my friend Preston pugmire and I have completed the filming of our magnetic marriage course wage. And you will be hearing about it soon a lot more about it because to say that I am excited about it would be an understatement. So please just go to Tony sign up to find out more about all the upcoming things because cliche warning. This is a game-changer. I know it is truly something. I've worked so hard on to help people communicate more effectively with their spouses. So get ready and you can find me on Instagram at virtual couch and on Facebook at Tony over by a licensed marriage and family therapist and speaking of virtual couch. If you have not been there my Instagram account at virtual couch. I have some amazing people now working behind the scenes. I'm so grateful for that wage. So we are taking quotes from episodes and posting those more on that virtual couch Instagram page. So please follow that account if you are so inclined. All right, let's get to the topic Thursday. Let me start out with the story quick story in high school. I grew up in Sandy Utah. I went to Alta High School and I was an athlete and I loved humor. I don't know if I would go as far Thursday. I tried to be a Class Clown but I definitely loved to have fun in school and I loved Sports and I did my best at school. I had no idea. What effect my ADD was playing on my Dodge Journey at that time, but I was a generally happy person but I truly had no idea what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be when I grew up and I also saw attention. I now know I wanted people to like me. I still want people to like me and that led me to running for class office I ran for and won and this is so funny now to go back and think I'm not 100% sure what I want and what am, I believe I was my eighth grade class president and then I moved up to high school. I think I won ninth grade class president. I might have lost eighth grade and one ninth grade and thinking I had things figured out at that point. I believe Iran for 10th grade class president. I got greedy and I lost that one and I remember being truly devastated though whenever I did lose and again, maybe I want eighth grade last night. It's funny to think I can log. Remember that but I do remember that I one student body class secretary my senior year and several of my friends one student body office positions and we had an amazing time, but I digress one of the duties.

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