Don't Put Your Trust in the World (Ezekiel 27:27)


Chapter Twenty Seven Verse Twenty Seven. Your riches, your wears your merchandise, your mariners in your pilots, your talkers, your dealers in merchandise, and all your men of war who were in you with all your crew that is in your midst. Sink into the heart of the seas on the day of your fall. So Ezekiel, Chapter Twenty seven continues this prophecy. From. Zico Sir. God speaking through a zeal. A prophecy against tire this city, it was known for its wealth and known for its international trade. Through the water on the sea and so when you hear this verse, your riches, your wears your merchandise, your mariners, your pilots, basically all that made. Tire wealthy all that made the economy of tires strong your coworkers, your dealers in merchandise and all your men of war who were in you those who protect the city. So thank the economy of tire and think the military of tire. So it was strong. Both of them were strong a strong economy and a strong military. and. What God is saying in this prophecy is all of it. Sinks into the heart of the sea on the day of your fall. So. What are we take away from that? How does this lead us to pray? Well certainly among other things without question. This verse reminds us that we must never put our trust in an economy in this world. And we must never put our trust in a military in world. Now that's not to say that economy is unimportant or a military is unimportant. Fact, we could look at other places in scripture. See many places where an economy we want to develop in a way that glorifies got as good for all people made in his image in way that is good for the poor in a way that is just and right and promotes prosperity and good for all people made in God's image. So yes, economies important and military is also important especially when you look at Romans chapter thirteen and the responsibility God's entrusted to governments as. To, wield the sword to protect people against Yvonne to promote. Good. So it's not an economy or a military is bad. But it is wrong to put your trust in either. One of these things because they are fleeting economies rise and fall military's grow strong and weak and when we put our trust in the things of this world, even things like an economy or in a military than we are putting our trust in places that will not hold that will in the words of Ezekiel Chapter. Twenty seven verse Twenty Seven Sink Into the heart of the sea on the day of our fall in other words God in his sovereignty can bring an economy or a military to nothing in an instant. So this is why the Sauna says some trust in chariots and some in horse his but we trust in the name of the Lord. Our God. So we say that together in prayer God right now. Especially amidst a pandemic that has. Wreaked havoc on economies all around the world we see. In a fresh way that we cannot put our trust ultimately in an economy in a job in money in. Savings accounts. Or we we thank you for your blessing for your grace and so many different ways in jobs and money that you provide in it and savings accounts even that can be used in different ways for your glory. We pray that you would help us keep us guard us from putting our trust in our money in wealth in economies. And God Garda's from putting our trust ultimately in military's even as I think about pastoring many people who are in the military in our church family. Praise you for your grace in them for your common grace in all kinds of people who served to promote good and protect people against evil. God, we pray for your blessing on them in a Romans chapter thirteen kind of way for the carrying out of your purposes for government at the same time. God We say before you now even as some Brothers and sisters who are praying this right now are in the military. We put our trust in our military might or power. We don't put our trust in chariots and horses. You are the only one who is worthy of all of our trust. We put all of our trust in you and we praise you. Oh, God they you will not fall that you do not come and go rise and fog grow weak or strong that you are constant. You are constantly strong new are ever wise you are. All powerful you're all good. You are all loving. You alone are worthy of all of our trust and all of our praise. So we say gladly we don't put our trust in economies and militaries. We don't put our trust in chariots horses. We put our trust in your name, the name of the Lord our God, you are a rock today you are life today and we worship. Ewing. Pray pray that you and help us to point other people around us in the world to you as the. Only one who's trustworthy got to help us to say today to somebody don't put your trust and your job your money Connie don't put your trust in military. Don't put your trust in this or that person political candidate political party whatever God help us to tell people today put your trust in Jesus. He alone can hold the weight of your trust help us to testify to your trustworthiness today in a world that is filled with so many things that will sink into the heart of the sea on. The day of judgement. We pray this in Jesus name. Amen

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