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When you're a drag queen yard time less well at least until your weight starts to break down and your makeup start crack at the end of the night. But time comes for us all even the most legendary drag queens and that doesn't always have to be a scary thing. One of our favorite movies is the witches of Eastwick, which pits three icons, shares, Susan Sarandon, and Michelle pfeiffer against the devil himself as they turned to witchcraft to manage the midlife crisis today San Francisco drag. IMPRESARIO, peaches, Christ chats with us about opening up her vaults of drag parodies for an incident viewing party of her show. The witches of East Bay where Peaches Coco Peru and Chad michaels take a look at what happens when three drag legends get older and a world dominated by pesky drag Queens plus why do J. K. Rowling and other high profile celebrities come out against trans. Inclusion eighties gay icons that became TV commercials, spokespersons and look at the amazing life of Drag Queen Hegi leg. I'm Fausto for no I'm Mark Zalin and this is feast. Five. Before we begin. Let's listen to the trailer for a peaches crisis the witches of East Spe starring Coca, Peru Chad Michaels and Thomas Dekker. You know when you're young queen and you don't understand anything everything's really confusing. CONTOURING and Tucking. You think that when you grow up and become a seasoned queen, that's GonNa make sense and. Still waiting for that day. That day ever come I've discovered that when you're truly fully relaxed, you can open your eyes and see what the world has in store for you. For me, my eyes are most open after I've enjoyed a hot steaming cup of celestial seasonings tension Tamer to. What do you? It's a short life isn't it? We all have fears. Sometimes I i. look in the Mirror and I see everything disintegrating faster and faster. A long career in drag is not for the week. Just burned my mouth. So fucking badly you know life may be short for some. But even if there's like a nuclear Holocaust, I plan on sticking around and partying with the cockroaches not really afraid of death that doesn't mean I don't have fears. You know what I see see snakes like hundreds of them and they're like crawling all over me and then disappear I'm just not there anymore it's really trippy. I don't mind the growing old or that it's a short lifer, the snakes or any of that the the pain that scares me I don't know why there needs to be so much pain in the world often caused by anonymous trolls commenting on social media. Deal the deck. Down here we just. Play the sandwiches. Hello. Hi. Peaches. Christ. Yes it is. What's Your scariest movie? Nights scariest. Say, what's your favorite scary movie. Well that's a nightmare on ELM street. One. I had a really scary movie. It's called the Selfie on my phone. On my God and I take my clothes off and I look into it. And I see myself growing old OH. Oh I used to be an atheist, but then I realized I was a sex God. But now on a sex card decline and nobody wants to worship at my temple. Because I've been stuck at home during covert quarantine. No one loves me anymore, not even myself. How are you doing today peaches? I I was doing fine a moment ago. I. Just I don't even know what was. Not sure. Well, we're kind of like thinking about you you have. Your opening your your default. Clearing the COBWEBS and showing the audiences, what they are throughout the world with really want is some of your productions that you've done over the years you during the witches of East Bay which. You know play on the witches of Eastwick, which kind of deals with. Women of a certain age and how they feel. That that's what you doing. Accuser. So used to hear that all the time this leg. I thought that you were just like you know any the the average gay guy going through his. You know mid life crisis. Interesting thing right. 'cause we live in a consumer society and we sort of been making money or being taught or whatever to not embrace aging and to look at the aging palace as something to be feared. Sometimes. Abhorred emphasis on the. When. You're eighteen. They'll tell you when you're over twenty six nobody wants you then you need S. Over thirty nobody wants you then your early thirties forties death if you're gay and then this comes you know the goal and then you get those ages and you're just like I'm just as fierce as I was back then. Yeah I mean in some in some ways. I would argue that maybe you're fiercer. I think that well, culturally right it's it's not in every culture. Is there sort of this idea of growing old being a bad thing, but it's definitely an American idea for sure or Western young and then I think if you are queer especially a gay man, you know we we adopted so many of the worst parts of. Misogyny. And so we apply that to each other and then I i. Yeah. I think for a lot of queer men sadly. It's a real thing. It's a real problem. Well, it even like in talking about intergenerational relationships or even like you know if you are somebody who is above the age of thirty and you're at a bar and you start flirting with somebody, you know this is the thing is like a lot of these twenty year old tw- inks are hit me on the hookup APPs but out in public, there are like there goes all thousand. And I met you were sending me or Dick Pic last week are you talking to your little secrets? We go out in public. Worrying a mask. Anymore. I'm really loving the mask culture because finally. People to see my face and they can. Say. They just don't even see it. Well, it's like it's like a facelift in sunway tooth kissing goodbye nobody knew. What you're doing you're you're giving into those those ideas of you know this negative ideas about aging. This is about like you know for years we've heard Middle Eastern women. I really like hiding my face and feels very comfortable. People are after. Them they not to stare at me Yes yes. Yes. We're the mask sunglasses like ray bans with mirrors on them and sometimes even a little bike helmet or a hat. So I'm basically just a robot out perfect on everybody just staring at you know staring at anything I want without repercussions about like when you're like totally like staring at a guy is like in you're wearing the mask he can't see when you like licking your lips underneath the mash. Literally drooling once in a while might might mask. The wetness comes through but. Like little, otherwise they how do they know and this is a this is good for straight men to know this like when you're not when you're a straight guy and you think you're too cool for the mask, all of us gaze wearing masks we're just. Per serving on you so hard. With that information. Jim and I see this guy and I'm just like Oh my God he's so bad. He's just like. A moment your way and I'm just like, yes. In the way my heart. Yeah it's true. You're right. You're right. That we should we should probably get back to the which is. How generous of you? To open the show with such such an amazing plug for this upcoming online screening that we're doing, and it's true that that show in a way was about I mean I talked to cocoa and chat about the fact that we were. Older Queens and that that's what the show was going to be about. So you're right. That is what the show is about. It's about is this all there is kind of thing but he ever since I've known Coco Cocos characters been this cool hip tell it like it is. You know Aunty in the Bronx who's like doesn't Old Lady for thirty years and this is why we called got dress up in drag I. think at least for me when I was in my early twenties, it was like, Hey, you can be whoever you want to be for the rest of your life as long as you can get a shake and go wig like Coca Peru and. They'll make it. How did you get cocoa to like actually change wigs because you know she's wearing Like she has. A demented Jan Brady. I guess I get you. We this was the first show. We've ever done together and we had been. In some comedy shows together doing drag Queens of comedy and she passing Lee said like, why haven't you ever asked me to be in one of your shows and I was like Well I mean you never I I I just can't imagine

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