Coronavirus Deaths Pass One Million Worldwide


We turn to the coronavirus pandemic here in the US, the virus now taking more than a million lives worldwide and. One fifth of those lives right here in the US more than two hundred, five, thousand American lives lost now a new study tonight finding cases in children rising from two percent to ten percent since the spring and as New York City children go back to school for the first time the alarming rise in cases right here in this city threatening to close the schools again ABC's Eva pilgrim tonight from new. York. Just as New York City. Elementary students went back to the classroom schools already at risk of closing the city reporting Koba positivity rate taking up above three percent for the first time since June new clusters traced to nine zip coats if the schools are not safe. I'm not going to allow them to operate. Period. The city to close schools as early as next week if that number stays above three percent, the potential setback coming as Cova cases in children have risen from two percent to ten percent nationwide over the last five months. One of those cases twelve year old Elizabeth mcnew from Atlantic Beach Florida who passed away after A. Battle with the virus Elizabeth came to me and said. I'm not breathing right mummy tonight a new report from the New York Times says over the summer white. House. Officials tried to pressure the CDC to play down the risks of sending children back to School Olympia, troy of aid to the vice president sat in on Task Force meetings it was. People within the White House specifically tasking more junior level staff to try to find alternate data data that the narrative that they wanted, which was it only affects you know people above the age of seventy five and it doesn't effect younger school children. It was all part of the narrative of we need to open up the schools. And the White House pushing back on that New York Times reporting saying that the task force brings together experts with different expertise and views

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