The Skeptics Guide #794 - Sep 26 2020


Universe. Today is September Twenty Third Twenty twenty, your host Steven Novella joining me this week or Bob Novella everybody curious Santamaria Saudi, Jane Villa guys and Evan Bernstein good evening folks how you doing guys good hanging. Oh well, what do you expect Steve You? Know? That's the real question. Yeah. Arriving before we get to the covert news guess what I saw out my back window this week another well, it wasn't a bear. It was second bear a girl was or lame raccoon I saw rewrite coons this morning. That's actually not unusual. A Fox. Fox My backyard very pretty. ooh I could beat this. Doors on Fox. I think it was chasing the chipmunks got a picture. Absolutely got a picture. Sweet. A good is like the Fox turned looked at me. So I got a beautiful profile, but with his head turned towards her, you could hundred percent identified as a Fox. So what's really interesting is that You know the tremendous uptick in wildlife in my backyard. Recently, it's Natural Kingdom back there you're a second level druid now. So that has. This come I have twenty years of anecdotal data. Go on every morning look bathroom window when I got up pretty sometime around don always birds, squirrels, chipmunks that kind of thing Kasur you'll see a deer that's about it. You know but this summer man in this fall obviously, the bear was the big thing every day there's a deer or there's I just saw. Hour ago and I go best thing I've ever saw. In My I saw to Bob cats strolling across our backyard. Holy Crap. I ran to my binoculars got him I got a picture I they disappeared before I can get a picture have to take my word for it. Home, my got these were like thirty pound cats thirty pound how? They were spotted on the back of the legs and the belly a a very short tail surprisingly short tail and they were just these huge like they look like little tigers, little tigers they were sitting there kind of looking at me, and then I saw one crouch looking at something into words because it's right at the edge of the cheese crouching down and then pounced on something could didn't see what it was, but it was a classic thing. You see your cat do all the time two of them they were. Just I. Wanted to play with them. Before you know, of course, they've know the rats. But they were. I just made my entire week they were gorgeous. Those it was definitely there definitely is an increase in. That kind of you know predatory wildlife in southern Connecticut typically what we're seeing more typical northwest Connecticut, which is mostly wilderness. But for some reason, they're spreading south and simple explanation social distancing. Of course, they're following following the food. So there's an uptick in small critters and the Bob Cats coyotes foxes and bears following them. Not. Really sure why there's such an uptick in rodents and those kind of which I've also noticed like my wife and I walk around our our neighborhood and we'll see twenty rabbits just walking around the neighborhood everyone's yard. What's going? They're. Not. Sure. Actually measure. Tinky winky. Yes, my daughter grew up watching that they did eradicate a feral cat population one town north of me in Cheshire Cheshire Cat, right. Maybe. That's maybe the cats are gone. There's more little wife and now the bobcats coyotes and Fox's are following them. Yeah. One of the story I had pitched for today which not doing because we like to different story better is really about the havoc that house cats reek on local wildlife they call so many birds they kill so many small rodents and. There's a big downstream ecological effect from that. Do they kill more than? Windmills. Orders of magnitude. And the thing. We talk about on feral cats which is dangerous right. But also just people's house cats their cats really should not be outside Yeah. So I still haven't seen about cat in my backyard. Bob. So you got me on that. Oh how on the side of the road I haven't seen one in my yard they it was magnificent i. It's just weird because you hear about Fox's all the time and of course, but to think. These huge cats I mean thirty, one, thirty pounds at least. Surviving in the wild out there, and you just never see the guy to be a A. What did they eating but they're just so magnificent. Yeah. All right. So the covert number, the big news this week is United States has surpassed two hundred thousand as we're recording this the NUB, the official number is at least two hundred and one thousand Americans have died of covert nineteen. You know that hoax illness that doesn't really exist. Steve What you have to save you know this is something I. See quite a bit in the arguments that are given yes. Covert. They're saying that hospitals are mislabeling right and every death is a Cova Death J. I've tried to explain to make people. Yeah it's it's not true. It's simply not true I know I say that I've said that and I try to also explain that you don't necessarily quote unquote die from Kovic you die from things that covert does to you you could die from pneumonia because of covid as an example yeah this is just prince right this is. Just straight up ignorance. So when you list the cause of death, you always go with like the most proximal cause of death right and then you list conditions that contributed to that caused a death. So like your proximate cause of death, maybe heart attack, you had a cardiac arrest, your heart stop and you died.

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