The Body and the Mind,


Let stri something right now. Close. Your. Eyes and imagine a bright yellow lemon with a kitchen knife beside it. Okay. Do it right now? Now in your mind's eye see the knife cut the lemon in Hof. Watching. DROPS OF LEMON JUICE SPRITZ into the air and at some point in this visualization. You will begin to salivate. involuntarily. This is a classic example of the mind body connection. The image of Lebanon, in the knife and the lemon juice was no mind. But the saliva. who was a secretion in your body? So your brain doesn't know the difference between an imaginary lemon and the real one. The brain then triggers salivary glands it doesn't matter. Whether. It's in the lemon other real one. Your mind does know the difference because you're not your brain, you are using your brain. Important. Point With giant my colleague Rudy Tanzi also made in our book super brain. The brain and mind react simultaneously. And almost instantly to each other. Because, in fact, the brain and mind our one process just as wave in particle, a one entity or mass and energy one entity or space and time on one entity. Soul, it is impossible to locate where one ends and the other begins.

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