Should I Let My Little Brother Move In With Us?


It's of Tuesday and this is the Ramsey call of the day part of the Ramsey networks. Lincoln Nebraska Dylan is Pie Dylan what's up? So. Excited to talk you. Know. I'm calling because I'm currently in baby step two with my husband. And we originally started at twenty, five thousand and we're down to about sixteen thousand. And my parents are going through a really bad divorce and my sixteen year old little brother would like to move in with me and my husband We're kind of at odds about it because. I want to let him move in but my husband. Wants to stay get intense and he's concerned. It will be too much of an expense if we let him move in. Are. You do you live near where he lives now? No they live about forty, five minutes away from Moscow I guess not too bad but he would stay in his same school community as a car. no she would transfer to school here in mine town. About forty five minutes from here. And what is the financial condition of your parents? Very poor they've filed bankruptcy and they are still even after the bankruptcy twenty, five, thousand and. What's your household income? Sixty five, thousand. What costs are associated with bringing him in food. food he would be would have to help him get a car because he doesn't have one and with daycare with my son Conflict with school scheduling. Bus Doesn't run front of Your House. You sorry. There's a bus not run for the school in front of Your House. No. But he he could. He could walk for a while it would just be hard one turn you really cold. How Far Away is it? About, a mile here That's not bad as nice little hike. uphill both ways and snow right You could tell his grandkids about it some day. It sounds like things are pretty miserable for him I want to help him. Me Too. So how is he miserable enough to? Take on some other forms of misery in order to get out of there like for instance, when he moves in with you, he starts he starts a job immediately and I saves up right quick and gets him a thousand dollar car. And he pays for it. He would be willing to work I I'm just concerned it would affect his grades. I'm concerned that he's living in a cesspool and he needs to get out. I'm not, concerned. About his range. He needs to work. If I'm your husband and you came to me and said, look, he'll take a job and he'll work this many hours and make much money He'll pay US fifty bucks a month for food and he'll save up to everything else and beyond a budget the way we teach him in order to save up and pay cash for his furlough thousand dollar car that we're going to help him get. We could be saving his life please let's do this for my brother. I think that's a regional thing. But if your little brother wants to move in there and sit on the couch and eat Doritos, all afternoon and suck. And play video games and sit on his butt. And then gripe because he ain't got a car that you gave him that he's entitled to because he breathes air this is different animal you following me. So I'm just I if he is as desperate to get out of that mess as it sounds like he is then he's desperate enough to do some crap. When he hits the road overture housing, it's get his life straightened out. I'm sorry for him. It's a tough road. He's at such situation. He's in his parents are both completely unplugged. Basically emotionally have abandoned him financially of abandoned him and he's sixteen years old. Let's talk. I'm. heartbreaking. But. If I'm your husband, your husband, he doesn't WanNa take a project on. He wants to bring in bring in someone that he can be a blessing to. If I'm your husband that's what I would be sitting on and so I think you can lay out some guidelines and then talk to your little brother and say these are our conditions if you will meet those, you're welcome. And of course, when you live under my roof, you live by my rules to. Come home drunk at sixteen years old. You're not doing dope it sixteen years old you're not doing you know out I just fill in the blank right? On Sunday. We're going to church or this is what we do at our house. Okay. If you live in my house, you do what we do at my house. You don't WanNa live there. It's okay. You don't like that that's live somewhere else. But when you're under my roof, this is high works. That's kind of old school. Should we did have a basic savings account for the car? Yeah. Just help him. I don't care if he puts it in a fruit jar. Just won't even I just wanted to sixty hours a week and go get him thousand dollars. Right? Quick. Okay sounds good. Just Bust I. Mean I just want him bust his butt man I want he's got a lot of emotion. He can burn off a bunch of it working. Yeah I agree I think that he's definitely willing to do what it takes anything more I just had reservations about forcing him to work so much I don't I don't have any reservations about it at all the best thing ever happened to him. He he won't die from it when you're working really really hard right before you pass out, she went to worry about work killing you won't kill you. So it's okay. You're going to be. All right. That's going to be the best thing ever happened to him. You're giving him safe emotional environment to live in someone that loves him and actually cares about his well being you're a good person. You're good sister. Well done. Just put some guidelines on it. So your husband feels like he's participating in. Process it's helpful and not enabling a bunch of crap.

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