Federal agencies won't be leaving Oregon 'any time soon'


Protests in Portland, Oregon for a 55th straight night. Chanting Black lives matter, the head of the Department of Homeland Security says Despite the mayor's animosity, they are not leaving Portland anytime soon. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf says federal law enforcement is notably not in other cities just Portland because the mayor and local police won't protect any of the property. Specifically the federal buildings in courthouse. What we know is if we left tomorrow they would burn That building down and they have stated that publicly. We know they've tried. We have him on video trying that multiple different times. So we have a responsibility. I read it to you. It says the secretary shall protect millions doesn't say you can doesn't give me the option on Tuesday. Officials also showed the uniforms federal law enforcement officers have been wearing, saying they clearly identify the agency and officers with However, their names have been removed after dozens of officers were Doc's

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