Trump deploys militarized federal forces across the US


Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that he will send federal agents into Chicago Albuquerque and New Mexico to help combat rising crime, expanding the administration's intervention in local enforcement, as he runs for reelection under a law and order mantle, using the same alarmist language, he is employed to describe illegal immigration trump falsely painted democratic-led cities as out of control and lashed out at the radical left. Even though criminal justice experts say a spike in violence in some cities defies easy explanation. The decision to dispatch federal agents to American cities is playing out today. Hyper politicized moment when trump grasping for reelection strategy now that the corona virus has upended, the economy and immigration is largely at a standstill crime has surged in some cities like Chicago, New, York, and Philadelphia, before any major policing overhauls could be made. In trying to explain violence in some cities, experts point to the unprecedented moment in the country, a pandemic that has killed more than one hundred and forty thousand Americans historic unemployment stayed home orders, a mass reckoning over race and police, brutality, intense stress, and even the weather, and despite this compared with other years crime in twenty, twenty is down. Overall local authorities have complained that deploying federal agents to their cities has exacerbated tensions on the streets while residents have accused the government of violating their constitutional rights civil. Civil unrest in Portland, Oregon only escalated after trump. Secret police were accused of whisking people away in unmarked cars without probable cause, but local leaders including Chicago Man Lori lightfoot initially rejected the move to send in federal forces. I've been very clear that we welcome actual partnership the democratic. Mayor said on Tuesday after speaking with federal officials, but we do not welcome dictatorship. We do not welcome authoritarianism, and we do not welcome unconstitutional arrest and detainment of our residents. That is something I will not tolerate. She sent.

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