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From workhouse connect in AJ Benza. Vein. Walk on a leash and play really dirty kinky sex tapes is. The Guy put the cock in the peacock network. Okay Bitch. Hey everybody Aj ben here this is the original fame the bitch, the Freebie mode. Good to have you nice to start the week off with the good show on a topic that I don't think anybody's talked about especially. In. The depths I can. I'll get to that in a second. Sometimes, I just don't want to talk about what's happening topically I. Find it boring. I don't care about. Kelly. Perry's Katy Perry's pregnancy I. don't Care About Ellen. Degeneres. Meeting with Kevin. Hart and getting a planned `Paparazzi pick just don't I don't care about that Shit I mean I'll talk about it now and then but that's not really what my headset. On the heels of last week's ridiculously fun exclusive on Natalie. Morales and a one night stand she had with somebody in the famed fan. Let me just say there are now stories on the back of that. That have her doing this quite regularly. From people who work there, this is her how she's been doing this. This is what Natalie likes to do. Now. Li Lives in Brentwood a beautiful home in Brentwood whenever she flies out of the country she doesn't want to wake up at two o'clock in the morning and wake the family and the kids social state a hotel the night before. You get it and that's what she gets on a plane from lax to go where she's gotta go. Well that's what she's not a lot of fun lately it's begin. It's been emanating out of HANGARY's team at at LAX, so. That was a great story. Hopefully, you told your friends that you've gotta get on AJ benzes podcast I didn't see the numbers move over the weekend which leads me to think. Whoever you told a slow on the trigger. Mattel you some right now today's show is another one that no one's got but me. I I must impress upon everybody that. You gotta spend the five bucks to get me every single day five, thirty cents a day and I don't care if anybody's going to come out and bill Luna's focus guys begging people I ain't begging shed. It's like putting a menu and the fucking window. That's what I'm doing. I will guarantee you once you hear my show for four or five days not gonNA leave. You've just gotTa have the balls to Click send for the five hundred. If you don't like it after a week I'll send your fucking money back I really will I'm sick of people being scared everybody stopped being scared of walk into your house without a mask stop being scared of shake hands and don't be scared of spending five bucks thirty cents a day for podcasts that's going to entertain you. We all go by our coffee and get a doughnut whatever we do in the morning and adds up to I don't know sixty seventy bucks a month. This is five. You'll love it. Having said that, let me launch into my story. I don't know. How many of you know about sumner. Redstone. The old entertainment mogul who who ruled with an iron fist for many years he. He was an hosing industry figure. The guy built a business empire including Viacom paramount pictures, CBS, he built this out of a regional chain of movie theaters that his father started. Anyhow. He died the other day at ninety seven years old. Now, there are hundreds of stories about Sumner Redstone exploits in the in the board. Room. And there are some in the bedroom, believe it or not. He was a brilliant visionary. Operator dealmaker extraordinaire the guys single singlehandedly transformed family owned drive in movie. Theater Company into a global media portfolio. Anybody who's ever spent time in a room sumner redstone. You there's just there's very few guys like him last He was a force of nature. Put it that way he was a fierce competitor. He was also a horn dog. Okay. He was a horn dog to beat all horn dogs I know this firsthand not because I was in the room. During his infamous exploits that satiated his enormous appetite for beautiful women. which there's never a shortage of in Los Angeles. But. Because he was Bob Evans Best Friend and whatever I stated Bob Evans the famous producer whenever I stated his Beverly Hills home back in the nineties which was quite often There were days when I'd get to watch the two of those guys play tennis on Evans. Backyard tennis. Court. Sometimes, I'd even run and pick up the balls as they got away from the to Hollywood businessman. And you can learn a lot taking care of men's balls.

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