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Fame is a Bitch


From workhouse connect in a J Benza Vein He likes to be walk on a leash and play really dirty kinky sex tapes is. The Guy put the cop in the peacock network. Okay Bitch. Hey, everybody Nj Benzi here with the original fame is a bitch. This is not unfiltered. This is not politics is a bitch. To Patriarch shows you need to be. Subscribe to without a doubt especially today's. UNFILTERED. which is patriotic. Dot Com slash famous. Bet You've got to get on this I have an exclusive story of Natalie. Morales having a one night stand. At an at an lax hotel bar get on this fucking show just do it. It's five bucks enough is enough. My God the world's coming to an end might as well laugh before that happens. Today shows come coming late I'm recording this at twelve ten pm that never happens but as I said to my Patriot peeps, yesterday I my little new puppy, my new little shitsu puppy. Named tootsie. Test Rosa. She walk across my laptop. While it was on the bed and I was like not paying attention she did the same thing. My Dog Lily did about two years ago I don't know what they do with their big fucking furry feet these little animals they're big furry feet they must step on a combination of keys that takes the work I did for three hours and render it gone useless. It's it's you can't find it and thank you all for saying no, just go to Google Docs and at it now I did all that shit that's elementary detective work. It wasn't there. She modified the whole fucking today as a matter of fact. Whenever I cut and paste articles to read whatever. They're coming across the font is size eight. You need a telescope to read the Font I? Don't know how to fix the shit. So. That's why today shows a lot later than normal it won't happen again although it might with this fucking poppy but hey. That's the breaks I love the little puppy and Friday was a tough day. I had. Three shows to do but definitely get on politics a bitch and same as a bitch unfiltered you will not be disappointed speaking of this appointment disappointment Here's more disappointing news from what once was the greatest city in the world. You know I don't have to mention that New York City. was once the greatest city in the world some of you may have heard what I said about the atrocities that happening on the upper west side how governor Cuomo and Mayor Deduce. Baggio have taken this city and run it to the ground. There's now a hotel called the Hotel Lucerne near central park on the upper west side, which is where I always stayed when I was doing my talk show when I was running. Around New York, and if I wanted to just chill out for a night and grab room if I found a girl that wanted to hang with me, Hey, I would talk to my man Anthony Melle Curie who was the general manager of the Lucerne Hotel he get me room for a hundred bucks maybe a

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