Did This Secret Tournament Put Players in Danger?


In July thirty, first the American. Gaming Network was supposed to host the AG call of duty, Indianapolis Land Event is being promoted as one of the biggest amateur caught events out there with a prize pool of seventy five hundred dollars to be clear. This tournament was not a part of Challengers League, which is the official semi Pro League of Kati Sports AG is a third party tournament organizers according to their website runs tournaments for call of duty Ballard and Rainbow Six. Siege now, as you can imagine what the world in the midst of a pandemic having a bunch of sweaty dudes, Patton to a convention hall is not the Best Look. So on July thirty first the day the tournament was supposed to start Aga decided to move the tournament on mine quote after discussions with representatives from activision, we are decided to change the Indianapolis to be online only for health and safety concerns players are advised to. Participate in the tournament from their home location along we apologize for any inconvenience in which this may bring upon players spectators in organizations. We look forward to working with activision for future events and quote this sentiment was repeated on August first by Jeffrey Elliott who according to a website is the CFO of the company, and well, that sounds like the obvious and smart thing to the tournament allegedly continued as land event later, that same day. Basically, what you just saw looks like that land event with a bunch of Sweaty dudes packed into a convention hall exactly what agents said they didn't want to happen on top of that. Another video surfaced that looks like a bunch of people packed new AIRBNB trying to continue playing the tournament online. Gauge cash a CO founder of. Who has a name that belongs in Mortal Kombat. Distance themselves from the event and said that the indy open was to be played online period but according to report from dexterity, there were allegedly agent employees at the event despite saying they had nothing to do with it. People were even alleging that Augean only put that original statement to hide from activision blizzard who are the publishers of duty. The fact that this land event was still taking place. Now, this whole situation caught the attention of dominating Jilin know who's the general manager for the Toronto Ultra a pro call of duty. Team competing in the call of duty league. She replied to a tweet with quote I reported everything to activision blizzard absolutely stupid and I can't believe that they thought they'd get away with it and be bold enough to posted about it and a former event organizer Adam epic. Kella even weighed in calling the situation a disaster I also reached out to cash Elliott and multiple sponsors associated with the tournament cash. told me that the narrative online is full of lies in isn't true but didn't explain why that's the case and Elliott just pointed to a statement that made after all of. This controversy popped off quote in order to preserve the competitive integrity of the online tournament, we have decided to postpone the second day of competition to next Sunday August ninth twenty twenty due to an overwhelming amount of players away from home with the inability to play in a safe environment we feel that this is the best way to ensure that everyone is competing safely and fairly the remainder of the tournament and quote also when I went back to gather more information on the indie open agent has deleted the page from their website now, even if players ignored AG and Cassius statements. that the tournament had been moved online and even if he had nothing to do with this secret land tournament, the question I have is, why did they wait until the day of the event to move it online? It's not like the pandemic caught everybody off guard both the League and the challengers. League moved all of their remaining tournaments online months ago. Why couldn't agm do the same and remember representative of activision reached out again, which according to their statement is why they decided to move the tournament online and that's pretty big red flag because to me what that says is that was fully prepared to host a pretty big land event in the middle of a pretty dangerous public health crisis, and the only reason they didn't is because activision wealth stepped in and told them not to because let's be honest when you plan to host a land event in the middle of a giant global health crisis, you were putting people in danger now, I have no idea. A is going to take disciplinary action against the players who did show up to this secret tournament. Also cash if you remember is a CO founder of Augean re tweeted somebody comparing the multiple worldwide human rights protests with these tournaments implying that if one is allowed to happen, these tournaments should also be allowed to happen and yeah I don't know if that's chief if Augean knowingly. Secret Land. Event, after saying it was going online that's fucked up and they put people in danger and if that's the case I, hope activision blizzard takes action against these guys.

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